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December 4, 2021

UDMR to have its own candidate for presidential elections

The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) chairman Kelemen Hunor said on Friday, before the start of the Union’s Congress, that his party will have its own candidate for presidential elections.

“In the first round we will have a candidate. If we do not win and we do not enter the runoff, we will see. But we will definitely have a candidate,” said Kelemen Hunor.

The UDMR Congress is taking place on Friday and Saturday in Cluj-Napoca.


Iohannis tells UDMR Congress that Romania’s European status endangered by PSD-ALDE ruling coalition’s decisions


Romania’s European status is endangered by the ruling PSD-ALDE (Social Democrat Party – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) coalition’s decisions, on Friday told President Klaus Iohannis the UDMR Congress in a message presented by Presidential Advisor Laurentiu Stefan.

The president invited the UDMR (the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) leaders to join efforts to defend and enhance the liberal democracy.

“Today, unfortunately, our country’s European status is at risk due to decisions by the ruling PSD-ALDE coalition that affect gravely the independence of Justice and question the principles of the rule of law. Such an incompetent, irresponsible governing has poisonous consequences for all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity. The Hungarian community of Romania wishes, as do all of this country’s citizens, a responsible governing, capable of bringing prosperity and multiplying the development opportunities. Citizens belonging to the Hungarian minority also wish quality education, a functional health system, motorways, an efficient, transparent local administration, access to Justice and trust in its independence. The Hungarians, as well as the Romanians, want the law to protect them from the thieves who steal from their pockets and from those who steal their future via corruption. The Bucharest gov’t and the PSD-ALDE majority coalition have many debts in all these chapters. I’ve mentioned these aspects here, at the UDMR Congress because I know you will debate these days a future project for the Hungarian community and that you’ll make decisions with an impact on UDMR’s place and role in the Romanian politics, but also on the firmness and irreversibility of our European and transatlantic commitments,” the president’s message reads.

President Iohannis highlighted that UDMR’s role in Romania’s democratisation is beyond question and added that Romania is currently holding the presidency of the EU Council, “something very hard to imagine 30 years ago”.

“We’ve come together a difficult path, to get here and I invite the UDMR leaders and all of the Hungarian community in Romania to do whatever it takes to never allow any steps back,” Iohannis stressed.

The president brought to mind the challenges the EU is confronted with, saying that he wishes that in the electoral campaign for the elections to the European Parliament the parties promote the European values.

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