USR lodges with Senate citizens’ initiative “New People in Politics” regarding reform of electoral legislation

Save Romania Union (USR) announced on Friday that it will lodge during the day with the Senate the citizens’ initiative “New People in Politics” regarding the reform of the electoral legislation.

According to Mihai Politeanu, USR member and chairman of the initiative committee for promoting the legislative proposal of the citizens on the reform of the electoral legislation, 140,000 signatures were collected for this demarche, of which 120,000 were validated. He specified that 20,000 signatures were invalidated by mayors, and they would be the subject of criminal complaints for abuse of office.

“The idea to promote a citizens’ legislative initiative on the reform of electoral legislation belongs to civic groups. (…) This initiative was supported by four political parties – USR, PLUS, PACT for Romania and the Party of the Free People. We therefore built in the summer of last year a coalition of civic and democratic political forces that assumed this project (…) The project proposes seven important changes: the election of the mayors in two ballots, (…) the preferential vote on the party list, (. ..) so that the citizen can vote the man on the party list and is no longer obliged to vote the list in the order decided by Dragnea or other local baron, the security of the vote, (…) free vote for the citizens living in the diaspora, but who still have their domicile in Romania (…), the elimination of the electoral threshold in the local and elections to the European Parliament and the reduction in the number of signatures necessary for enrollment in the elections,” Politeanu told on Friday a press conference held at Parliament.

USR Senator Florina Presada mentioned that “it is time for many citizens to find themselves in Romanian politics.”

In his turn, former Minister of Health Vlad Voiculescu, PLUS member, stressed that 140,000 Romanians signed “for things to change”.

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