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May 17, 2022

UDMR Congress picks Hungarian community’s symbols, including Szeklers’ flag, anthem, Hungary’s national anthem. Kelemen Hunor, re-elected party’s national chairman

The Congress of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) on Saturday passed by a unanimous vote a decision on the use of symbols by the Hungarian community of Romania, including the Szeklers’ anthem, the Szekler banner and the Hungarian national anthem.

UDMR Senate floor leader Cseke Attila read out to the delegates at the party’s convention fragments of the decision, after which it was put up to the vote.

“The symbol of the Hungarians is the symbol of the Hungarian nation; it is the red-white-green tricolour flag. We consider the symbol of the Hungarian nation to be our symbol as well (…) Another national symbol of ours is the Szeklers’ flag depicting a sun and a half-moon (…) These elements, in any size, in any position, in any kind of representation, are considered to be our own national symbol. The music of our national anthem is by Elko Ferenc, lyrics by Kolcsey Ferenc. Yet another national symbol is the Szeklers’ anthem, lyrics by Gyorgy Csanady,” Cseke said, according to the official translation.

According to him, the Hungarian community asks Romania and the EU for support to use these symbols.

“We, the representatives of the Hungarian community of Romania, hereby declare that we consider the above as national symbols and we expect Romania, the EU and the international community to support us by supporting our free use of these symbols,” Cseke said.

UDMR Congress convened in the north-western city of Cluj-Napoca on Friday and Saturday to elect their new national leader. The only candidate was incumbent leader Kelemen Hunor, who was elected with 728 to 26 of a total of 757 validly cast ballot papers. There were approximately 1,200 delegates and guests attending the event.


  UDMR’s Kelemen says party wants to use their national symbols freely, without punishment


National leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor told a convention of the UDMR Congress in Cluj-Napoca on Saturday that the Hungarians in Romania want to use their national symbols freely and without being punished.

“We regard Romania as a multinational country in which the Hungarian community is considered as a state-building factor, for which we ask for rights and appreciation: Nobody should see us as second-class citizens, or a threat against national security! We are nobody’s enemy, we are part of the Hungarian nation, and we live this as something perfectly normal and natural. At the same time, we are also citizens of the Romanian state and that is our starting point when we fight for our collective and individual rights today, when we want to use our national symbols freely and without punishment today, when we are looking for partners for our economic alignment,” said Kelemen.

He wants a competitive Hungarian community and a “Transylvanian Hungarian future”.

“Our future image can be described in simple words. It is very important to remain Hungarian on our native lands and (…) to have a competitive, economically-consolidated community capable of alignment, a community that is made up of clear-headed, smart Hungarians. I believe in the future and that the future is a Transylvanian Hungarian future. We must facilitate all this through political and social tools. We want to be a community of success, but success does not come free; one has to be hard working, and diligent, and not miss the target ahead, but to keep the necessary instrument for your work. UDMR is an instrument, it is an instrument in our hands, a union for the Hungarians, a union for the future,” said Kelemen.

Photo:  Gönczy Tamás

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