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June 26, 2022

MAE: Rep. Moldova elections unfold overall with observance of legal provisions and democratic standards

The elections held in the Republic of Moldova were carried out overall “with the observance of the legal provisions and democratic standards,” the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) showed, evoking a preliminary assessment of the electoral process which took place on Sunday, while mentioning the necessity of maintaining “a European perspective” in the neighbor country.

“The Foreign Affairs Ministry took note of the preliminary report presented by the International Election Observation Mission [IEOM] for the Parliamentary Elections carried out in the Republic of Moldova on 24 February 2019. According to the preliminary assessment, the parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova were carried out overall with the observance of the legal provisions and democratic standards in the area, being reported some deficiencies in the context of both the electoral campaign and the voting day,” a MAE release sent to AGERPRES on Monday informs.

The MAE underscored that “it’s very important for the subsequent stages of the electoral process to be carried out responsibly in the next period, with the observance of democratic principles and standards necessary to insuring stability and maintaining the Republic of Moldova’s European perspective.”

The Romanian Ministry showed that the European perspective is the one that will bring prosperity to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. “This way, we believe that solely the European option is able to bring sustainable responses to the legitimate prosperity expectations of the Republic of Moldova’s citizens,” the quoted source mentions.

For the first time in the history of the Republic of Moldova, Parliament was elected in the ballot voting system held on Sunday, based on the mixed electoral system, which implies that 50 deputies were selected in a national constituency, based on the lists of candidates and 51 deputies in uninominal constituencies, from independent candidates or those designated by the political parties.

In parallel with the parliamentary elections, a consultative republican referendum was held in the Republic of Moldova, where people were called to express their point of view regarding the reduction of the number of MPs, as well as in respect to the introduction of a way to withdraw the mandate of an MP.

The two questions written on the ballot paper for the referendum were the following: “Are you in favour of reducing the number of deputies in Parliament from 101 to 61? and “Are you in favour of people being able to dismiss deputies from office if they don’t properly fulfill their duties?.”

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