Tannenberg, the authentic shooter inspired by the World War I, was released

Bulgarian troops join the confrontation, while the wolves are already at the door…


Blackmill Games and M2H released Tannenberg in mid-February, on the Steam shooter inspired by the World War I. The second game of the series based on the events from the Great War brings pleasant surprises to the community; in addition to the new content, the producers have also prepared a historical event for this spring.

Bulgarian forces will join the confrontation by the Central Powers’ side in the most authentic shooter inspired by the War of Nations, bringing with them anew map and new weapons to be used on the eastern front.

Tannenberg’s release is accompanied by a new trailer that details the most recently implemented features:

In this period, players can purchase Tannenberg on Steam with 15% or even 25% discount, if they already have Verdun, the first game of the series.


Bulgaria joins the battle for Dobrudja


The new trailer presents the moment when Bulgaria joins the war, their participation offering access to a new series of equipment. One of the new weapons is the Berdan II rifle, a weapon designed by Russians that will be turned against them by the Bulgarians during the World War I. Not only our southern neighbors will receive new equipment, the arsenal of the Russian troops also expands with Berdan II, while the Romanian troops will have access to the Martini-Henry rifle, a weapon designed by the British. Although it was introduced in 1871, at the time of the game, this weapon was still quite efficient to be used, particularly when the access to new weapons was difficult.

The new Dobrudja map offers players a theater of war overlooking the Danube; players have the task to conquer the hillside fortifications, while defending themselves from the attacks on the flanks coming from the trenches dug in the valley. Adding this new map to those already existing in the game, Tannenberg gives players the possibility to participate in virtual battles on the battlefield, ranging form the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.


The co-founder of the M2H studio, Mike Hergaarden, stated: “Inspired by the Dobrudja region, the new map demonstrates our commitment to recreating historical locations. We have studied thoroughly the region and the historical sources, to be able to accurately reflect the challenges that soldiers had to face on the eastern front”.

Other battle fields reflected by Tannenberg include a small village from the Polish plains, an armored train blocked in the fields of Galicia, a church located in the middle of a valley in the Carpathian Mountains, as well as the battle on the Cosna hill from Romania.

The last battlefield has been added along with a Romanian battalion, as a result of a vote given by players, according to which they had to choose if they want to see Romanian or Bulgarian troops added in the game. Since the final score was tight, producers decided to add, along with the Romanian troops, who won the vote, the troops of our southern neighbors, too. The players community really helped the producers during the Early Access stage; thus, besides the two new factions, the last months of the development process also brought a number of novelties and improvements based on the answers received from fans. An issue in which a lot of effort has been invested was the individualization of the combatant forces. Thus, those who choose the K.u.K. battalions from the Austro-Hungarian forces, or Frontovik from the Russian forces, can benefit from the long range of the rifles and artillery support, while the German and Cossack offers an advantage when it comes about gaining ground by close fight, and the Romanian and Bulgarian troops are remarked by the efficiency of the counterattacks. Producers have tried to balance the chances to win the game, so calling reinforcements now includes options of using battle gas, artillery, smoke and reconnaissance aircrafts.


The wolves are at the door…


Both the predecessor Verdun and Tannenberg reflected a number of historical events from the war, from the Christmas Truce to the Truce Day. Producers announced a new event scheduled for this spring, based on a less known truce, called by the US newspaper that reported the events “the wolves’ truce”. The newspaper described how the German and Russian troops were forced to conclude a short truce by a numerous pack of hungry wolves. Although the story seems to be a little bit exaggerated, it has interesting prerequisites for a fictional scenario, which begins with the roar of the wolves. In this new event, players will have to decide if they risk to face the ruthless beasts or they prefer a momentary truce.


The series of video games based on the World War I


Everything started on the western front, by the release, in April 2015, of the first authentic shooter based on the World War I, Verdun. After several free updates for Verdun, including implementing the Senegalese Tirailleurs battalion, the release of Tannenberg in February 2019 extended the series in order to include also the battles on the eastern front. The series of video games based on the World War I suggests the players to participate in exciting confrontations inspired by the chaos and fury of the most known clashes in the Great War. With more than 1 million copies sold, this series of video games demonstrated that the members of the gaming community are open to new and original approaches.

Players can choose from a number of troops and weapons reflected in a realistic way, to participate in the desperate battles of the World War I. Each game is based on a meticulous research and documentation process, being supported by new content and challenges added after release. The games of the series have in common the producers’ devotion for historical authenticity and the original experience offered, reflecting the various aspects of the World War I.


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