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October 2, 2022

USR’s Barna: Ordinance 7 attacks Romanian justice dramatically, society, country have to resist. PLUS leader Ciolos: We’ll use all legal means to challenge judicial overhaul ordinance in appellate courts

Save Romania Union (USR) leader Dan Barna said on Sunday evening, at a protest rally in Victoriei Square, that the Emergency Ordinance 7/2019 “attacks” justice, adding that the protests might cause its withdrawal, as it happened with the Emergency Ordinance 13 in 2017.

“At this moment Romania is massively assaulted by Ordinance 7. The Ordinance 7 attacks the Romanian justice dramatically and the society and the country have to resist. These thousands of people in the square are here to convey this message. The USR-PLUS alliance is in the first line in this struggle of the Romanian society for normality and survival. We are here with the citizens, together with the citizens, because the USR-PLUS alliance has now become the hope of normality and the hope of a European Romania. (…) I trust that this protest and the actions in the coming days will lead to a similar result or need to lead to a similar result, namely that this ordinance be withdrawn because magistrates know very well what this ordinance means, magistrates know very well that they will be subordinated to party orders from PSD and that is why they are protesting these days and that is why it is very good that they have come out to protest,” said Dan Barna.

Thousands of people participated on Sunday night in protest rallies in major cities across the country against the Emergency Ordinance amending the laws of justice and to show solidarity with the protest actions of magistrates.


PLUS leader Ciolos: We’ll use all legal means to challenge judicial overhaul ordinance in appellate courts


Chairman of the PLUS political party Dacian Ciolos declared on Sunday evening, as he joined the rally for justice independence in Victoriei Square, that in order to block the Government’s Emergency Ordinance No. 7/2019, challenges will be filed with the appelate courts countrywide, for the latter to refer the case to the Constitutional Court.

“It is important that all parts of society feel that they have a role at this moment and that everyone can do something. Next week we’ll resort to all the legal means at hand to challenge this ordinance at the courts of appeal in all the cities, to put pressure, because the courts of appeal are competent to refer the matter to the Constitutional Court so that we succeed in blocking this ordinance. It is paramount that at this moment we use all the legal and democratic means at hand in order to block the actions of this political majority that is slowly driving Romania out of the European Union and is isolating it from the democratic and the developed world,” Ciolos said.

He added that he joined the protest rally to send a signal that justice cannot be placed under political control and that all the democratic political parties should take to the streets.

“I have joined the other Romanians to convey a very clear signal that justice cannot be placed under political control, not only because justice must do its job in a democratic state, but also because the economy cannot function with a politically controlled justice. This is what happens now. (…) I believe that all democratic political parties should be in the street now,” Ciolos said.

He argued that the government should withdraw the ordinance and then start talks with the magistrates, come up with legislative adjustments the magistrates really need because certain clarifications are required, but these should reinforce and clarify the role of the magistrates, allow them to perform in a transparent manner. “The entire community of justice professionals has been signalling for months that what is happening in Romania is not right. Not only the Romanian magistrates, but the Venice Commission, GRECO, all these European structures with expert professionals very clearly state that the measures taken by the government of Romania do not strengthen, but weaken justice.When several people tell you you that you overdid it with the drinks, you should go home and that’s what the PSD-ALDE government should do now, go home and organize elections, if they have the courage, if they have confidence that the Romanians further support them,” said the PLUS leader.

Ciolos emphasized that early elections are needed to re-legitimize political forces. “We need to re-legitimize the political forces, I no longer believe, as do many Romanians, that this parliamentary political majority also has a majority in society and it’s time to state it very clearly that if we do not hold early elections, if we don’t install a new, politically legitimate government, in a few months we risk not being able to pay the pensions and wages the people are entitled to. (…) So it’s obvious that we have trouble because the country is poorly governed, there is no economic vision, and all the government and the political majority have been doing for two years now was to to attack justice,” Ciolos argued.


Photo: Facebook, Liviu Iolu


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