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2018 activity review of the Border Police General Inspectorate. Carmen Dan on Schengen: I’m optimistic we will be able to introduce the vote on our and Bulgaria’s accession on the working agenda of the JHA Council in June

Interior Minister Carmen Dan said on Tuesday that the talks on Romania’s Schengen accession that took place at the informal summit of the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council in Bucharest “have set a positive trend.” “I’m optimistic we will be able to introduce the vote on our and Bulgaria’s accession on the working agenda of the JHA Council in June,” Dan stated.

At the Border Police General Inspectorate’s 2018 activity review, Carmen Dan talked about Romania’s Schengen accession, reminding that this topic was brought up at the informal summit of the JHA Council in Bucharest, after a long period in which it had been left unaddressed.

“I am convinced the talks were good, they have set a positive trend and I am optimistic we will be able to introduce the vote on our and Bulgaria’s accession on the working agenda of the JHA Council in June. When we discuss the Schengen issue at European level, that does not mean only the topic of Romania and Bulgaria’s accession. It also means the situation concerning internal borders – because at this moment there are many member states of the Schengen area that have border controls –, it also means the enlargement of the area – and here we are talking about Romania and Bulgaria, but also about the process of evaluation for Croatia –, and it also means the package of security measures that should be adopted for more European border security,” Dan said.

The Interior Minister added that these topics were on the agenda of the JHA Council meeting in Bucharest.

“The order of business did not include a topic concerning exclusively Romania’s accession for at least two reasons: a technical one and a diplomatic one. From a technical standpoint, such a vote cannot be requested during informal summits like the one that took place in Romania. The second argument is that we could not have asked for a vote on a topic on which there had not been any discussion for years. What we managed to do through the talks in Bucharest was to bring back to the attention of the Council the functionality of this space and the need for two countries that are behaving as de facto members to be included in the Schengen area de jure too,” Minister Carmen Dan pointed out.

The Interior Minister expressed her appreciation for the activity of the Border Police in 2018, underscoring the importance of the missions carried out by this structure which, alongside similar institutions from neighbouring states, has contributed to a significant drop in the migratory phenomenon, especially since Romania is located close to an important route of illegal migration, that of the Western Balkans.

In this context, Minister Carmen Dan also mentioned the good results that the Border Police has registered in international missions, especially as part of Frontex, results which took the form of the rescuing of more than 600 persons in the Aegean and the Mediterranean in 2018.


IntMin asks Sebastian Ghita to come back to Romania: I’ve noticed he has a lot to say


Minister of Internal Affairs, Carmen Dan, stated on Tuesday that businessman Sebastian Ghita “should come to Romania”, mentioning that she has noticed that the former MP has a lot to say and he can do it better from Romania.

“I think we should rather ask ourselves when will Sebastian Ghita come, instead of when he left. I say he should come, since I’ve noticed he has a lot to say. I believe he can do it better from Romania that from abroad”, Carmen Dan stated at the 2018 Report of the Border Police.

The former MP was seen for the last time in Romania on the night of December 19 to 20, 2016, when he was leaving from an event organized by SRI. He participated there as a member of the Parliament’s Control Committee, when the police officers who were watching him at the prosecutors’ request lost him. According to some sources, Ghita was driving on DN1 with more than 200 km/hour, and at one point another vehicle blocked the police officers. Later, Ghita’s car was found at his home, so the police officers thought he was sleeping. The former MP was captured in Belgrade on April 13, 2017.

At the end of May 2017, Sebastian Ghita was released in Serbia, after paying a bail of EUR 200,000, without being allowed to leave Belgrade.


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