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September 29, 2022

Nadia Comaneci visited the GymNadia center for initiation in gymnastics: I am glad to see an easily noticeable progress in maintaining the balance, the development of motricity and the competitive spirit of the juniors

Last  Friday, Nadia Comaneci visited GymNadia, the center for initiation in gymnastics launched only two months ago, through a partnership with the Tiriac Foundation.

During her visit, Nadia Comaneci assessed the evolution of the children aged between 2 and 6, who enrolled at the free courses for initiation in gymnastics. At the same time, she talked with the young gymnasts and their parents about the already felt benefits among the practitioners from GymNadia.

“Physical training practiced since the early ages is an ideal way of forming an athlete in any sport. Combining the basics of gymnastics with fun, the activities from GymNadia are a delight for kids. After only two months of activity, I am glad to see an easily noticeable progress in maintaining the balance, the development of motricity and the competitive spirit of the juniors from GymNadia. It’s about education, a way in which parents can facilitate a healthy environment in which they can form their children, an investment in their children, to help them grow healthy”, Nadia Comaneci stated.

The free courses for kids are held 3 times a week, from 10.00 to 12.00 A.M.; there are already 6 groups of children who are practitioners, segmented by age categories: 2 to 3 years old and 4 to 6 years old.

The President of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, Andreea Raducan, who attended the today’s event, added: “First of all, children come at GymNadia to play. It is highly important to develop opportunities for children, and what is going here, at GymNadia, is the ideal environment for the juniors’ debut in sports”.

Based on the many requests received from interested parents, for a healthy and balanced physical and mental development of their children, Nadia Comaneci announced today the launch of some parallel initiation programs to take place from 5.00 to 7.00 PM, against payment.

The price of the courses to be held for a fee is RON 200 for a subscription with 8 sessions, meaning RON 25/session.

The free courses in the first part of the day will continue to be carried out, so that the participants will benefit from easily accessible options of days and hours.

The GymNadia courses are held under the coordination of the four coaches personally selected by Nadia Comaneci: Lacramioara Moldovan, Cristian Moldovan, Diana Bulimar and Lucian Branzai.

“Gymnastics has changed a lot, it evolves, there are new learning systems, and this is now happening in Romania, too. We need a new mentality, private clubs, foreign experience. We are lucky to have Nadia with us through this project”, stated the President of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, Mihai Covaliu, at the press conference.

The President of the Romanian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Irina Deleanu, stated: “Let’s be Nadia. All the girls wanted this. Congratulations to Nadia and Tiriac Foundation for this initiative, I am sure that the GymNadia coaches will make an assessment over the time and direct the kids to the gymnastics sports branches, or to other sports, depending on which is the right one for them”.

GymNadia is a project developed by Tiriac Foundation and Nadia Comaneci a the Tiriac – Telekom Arena from Otopeni. The room has the highest-class equipment, which is provided by American Athletic Inc (AAI) and dedicated to kids aged between 2 and 6.



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