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October 5, 2022

Dacian Ciolos to USR-PLUS sympathisers: Go out and vote, we know how to defend our votes. We’ll have representatives in all polling stations

PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos stated on Friday, in Iasi, that the USR-PLUS 2020 Alliance will defend its votes on election day and it already has a strategy, since it will have representatives in all polling stations.

Dacian Ciolos stated on Friday evening, in Iasi, during a meeting with the members and sympathisers of the USR-PLUS Alliance, that the votes will be defended on the day of the European Parliament elections, considering that the alliance will have the right to have representatives in all polling stations.

“Go out and vote, we know how to defend the votes. We will be present in each polling station, in the county electoral office and in the Central Electoral Office. One MEP (Cristian Preda – editor’s note) joining PLUS was part of our strategy, because if a party has MEPs it also has the right to representation within polling stations,” Dacian Ciolos said.

Asked by one of the participants whether the USR-PLUS alliance has a strategy to win the elections too, Ciolos said: “We are not the ones winning the elections, you are. You must be convinced that you can win this election.”


Dan Barna: Opposition should field joint mayoral candidates in large cities


In his turn, Save Romania Union (USR) leader Dan Barna stated that this year’s European elections “are more interesting and more important than they have ever been” and that, “after two years of Dragnea, Nicolicea and Iordache, we really have the chance to express our opinion on the political fauna around us.”

“On May 26, I no longer want to hear that we are voting for the lesser evil, I want us to vote for the good,” USR leader Dan Barna told the alliance’s sympathisers.

He emphasised that the USR-PLUS Alliance is open to negotiations with the National Liberal Party (PNL) after the European Parliament elections, in order to establish joint candidates in large cities, so that the Opposition’s chances in the local elections would be maximised.

At the same time, Barna stated on Friday that in the current one-round mayoral elections formula the Opposition needs to field joint candidates in large cities.

“Based on the current legislative framework, in order to have chances to win, the Opposition needs to have, mainly in the large cities, joint candidates for the city halls. We will undoubtedly discuss these things after the European Parliament elections, we are open to discussions. We know very clearly that, having one-round elections, the chance to get rid of Mrs Firea in Bucharest for example is for the Opposition to field a sole candidate. We are aware of this and we will find the best solutions for the PSD to be removed,” USR leader Dan Barna stated.

In his turn, PLUS President Dacian Ciolos pointed out that the USR-PLUS Alliance is considering the Opposition fielding joint candidates in the local elections in as many locations as possible.

“We want to prepare a strategy to replace the PSD at local level. It will also depend on the way we will negotiate this alliance and we have the openness to do this with the PNL too, but it will also depend on the way citizens will mobilise to vote. The presidential and European elections are not the only ones important, all four series of upcoming elections are,” PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos said.

Several USR-PLUS 2020 Alliance EP election candidates – including Cristian Ghinea, Clotilde Armand, Dragos Paslaru, Ramona Strugariu and Liviu Iolu – were present at the meeting in Iasi, meeting attended by more than 500 members and sympathisers of the USR and PLUS.


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