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June 26, 2022

Dragnea attacks Iohannis: I haven’t seen one thing, one gesture that would have helped Romania or Romanians. He breaks what he touches and does only harm

Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea has launched a strong attack against President Klaus Iohannis on Saturday, in Resita, at the conference organised to elect the leadership of the Caras-Severin branch, accusing the Head of State that he has done nothing for Romania and Romanians, does not want investments, breaks what he touches and is above the law, invoking in this regard the houses “squandered.”

“I have a simple question. What has this gentleman done for Romania? What has he done in four years? What has this man done while he was President? I haven’t seen one thing, one gesture that would have helped Romania or Romanians. On the other hand, I have seen that he is above the law. It’s well known. There are documents regarding squandered houses, tens of dossiers closed for this man. He has blocked this Government as many times he could. What soul do you have to block Romania’s budget, considering 4 million children are not receiving the benefits hiked on March 1st? How can you be so mean?” Dragnea said.

He also accused the President that he does not want the Government to make investments and that he has blocked the appointment of ministers for months.

The PSD leader pointed out that the impeachment of the President was not triggered because he no longer wants so much scandal in this country.

“He breaks what he touches, and he is only doing harm,” Liviu Dragnea stated referring to Iohannis, adding that he “never speaks well about Romania abroad, because he can’t.”


Everybody is saying the Presidency of the Council of the European Union is a success


On Saturday, in Resita, Dragnea also stated that Romania is “successfully” exercising the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, a fact also confirmed by European officials.

“I have spoken with many European officials. (…) Everybody says, with great pleasure, that it is a very successful Presidency. Just one piece of information – in a month and a half, the government led by Viorica Dancila, who manages this Presidency has closed more European files than the Austrian Presidency in six months. Why? Because we are very well trained. We are indeed well prepared. Victor Negrescu [former Minister-delegate for European Affairs, ed.n.] has worked hard to prepare this Presidency. Why he left the Government, I think he does not know either. This is what happens when you are too young. Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, the ministers are very well prepared. All the meetings they have in Brussels, they manage very well. They are not afraid, they are not ashamed, they are not scared even though they have been pressured by big European leaders (…) They are Romanians, they know exactly what they have to do and, of course, they manage as they should,” Dragnea argued at the PSD Caras-Severin County Election Conference.


I am dedicated pro-European; future PSD MEPs should Romania’s interests as major objective


SocDem national leader also said on Saturday in Resita that he is a dedicated pro-European and very committed to a more intense partnership with the US, but in all these partnerships the Romanian politicians should not forget to be patriots, also adding that PSD’s future MEPs are expected to have as major objective Romania’s interests.

“I am a dedicated pro-European (…) and I am very committed to a much more intense partnership with the United States than we have now, but in all these partnerships, in all these structures, the organizations we are part of, we must not forget one thing- we must be Romanian patriots. (…) The future PSD MEPs must have a major objective – Romania and the interests of Romania, not go there and lash out at Romania, criticize Romania, curse Romania and lie about Romania (…) They should consider (…) that they have to defend their country, they go there to work, to bring more European funds to their country. That is what our MEPs have to do (…) And the Romanians have to decide what they will do for these elections. They either want us to send there some cliques, some interest groups that do nothing or a group of MEPs to fight for their country,” Liviu Dragnea said in the opening of the the electoral County Conference of PSD Caras-Severin.


“Level of violence, not just verbal, makes us react at Opposition all the way”


PSD leader  told a press conference held in Resita on Saturday that he would get back “all the way” at all political parties in the Opposition that have become “extremely violent and not just verbally.”

“I wanted to convey a wider message to all political parties in the Opposition that until now we wanted to go about our business, but the dirt, the level of violence and not only verbal that has been reached and that they are practicing at all times, the level of hatred that everyone is practicing, because they are all controlled from behind, have made us react all the way. PSD is a big party, that has political force it uses to do well and that it will also use to retaliate and we will do it big time, not necessarily using the same methods. As far as those who father these political moves are concerned, they will be exposed, because the Romanians have the right to know the truth,” Dragnea said.

According to him, PSD did not react to the attacks of the Opposition because a change of Romania for the better was aimed at, and this is what has actually happened.

“Intensive talks are under way with people to develop local communities, to solve problems, big or small. If one person suffers, we help him, because one of our mottos is not to leave anyone alone. This is why we take risks in politics and, unfortunately, not just a few, to change Romania for the better. Our economic and social program, which was criticized in the electoral campaign as not realistic, proved that taxes, duties can be reduced, wages and the number of jobs can be increased. There are more than 100,000 new jobs and an economic growth that no one can challenge (…).

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