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September 29, 2022

Global Legal Hackathon has placed Bucharest on the world map of technological innovations in the legal field

Romania’s proposal for the second phase of the Global Legal Hackathon 2019 competition is LAWra, the world’s first legal chatbot for travelling, easy to access, including through various social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger. The LAWra solution provides verified legal answers for any problem that may occur during a travel abroad, such as lost documents, passport problems, or atypical local laws.

“Through its local partners, who are carefully selected and available a click away, LAWra provides customized legal assistance in case of emergency during the trip, anywhere in the world. From the technical point of view, LAWra uses NLP and AI technologies in order to decipher the complicated nature of the human language and exactly understand the user’s needs and context. The scenarios can be created by both technical and non-technical people, by using a powerful UI interface”, explained the members of Legal Shapers team, the ones who developed LAWra, who included lawyers Roxana Pistolea (Associate at Clifford Chance Badea), Roxana Mihaela Catea (Senior Associate at Tuca Zbarcea & Partners) Tudor Colțan (Senior Associate Suciu Popa) and IT specialists Petrus Balasa and Eduard Mirica.

“Summarizel”, the team on the 2nd place at Global Legal Hackathon 2019, proposed an extension of the Chrome browser (with a subsequent applicability for other solutions, too), which summarizes and translates “Term and Conditions” in order to be understood by anyone. The solution integrates a translation function so that any user in the world can benefit from it. Some of the benefits are the transparency on web, the accessible language, as well as the quick and easy access to the relevant information.

“Our solution can be a useful resource for respecting the transparency required by GDPR and combines the legal issues with technique, design, UX/UI, in order to capture the user’s attention and help him understand, in his language, what exactly he accepts when agreeing with the terms and conditions”, stated the members of the “Summarizel” team, which included Ruxandra Sava – Innovation, Technology & Privacy Lawyer, Ecaterina Donciu – Graphic Designer, Diana Marusic – Tech Wizard, Eugeniu Cernei – Tech Wizard.

The third winning project was the one designed by “Lucky Team 1”, which proposed a “Uber”-like solution for legal services. “Avocat NonStop” is based on the urgent need of an advice form a lawyer, which can save you from trouble and can prevent long-term repercussions. The app actually creates a permanent connection between a lawyer and anyone in difficulty, everything through a simple phone call.

“The issue to which the lawyer can provide a quick and useful answer can be the most diverse, from being stopped by police in the road traffic until not understanding a clause from a contract you have before your eyes. The solution comes in two ways: either through a short phone number that can be easily remembered by users, or through a mobile app connecting the user to a lawyer who can answer to his problem. As for the future plans, interactive voice response systems (IRV) and machine learning can be implemented to improve the product’s efficiency”, stated the members of “Lucky Team 1”, consisting of two lawyers: Andreea Pantiru – Dentos, and Mihai Dolhescu – Clifford Chance Badea.

Two GLH 2019 partners, UiPath and Startup Grind, granted two special prizes to solutions dedicated to ease the access to the decisions of the local administrations (the “WisHub” team) and a universal translator from legal language to common language, accessible to anyone (the “TransLex” team).

Last weekend, Bucharest hosted Global Legal Hackathon 2019, an international competition that promotes technological innovation in the legal field at global level. The event, which is at its second edition in Romania, is simultaneously held I 50 cities from more than 20 countries and gathers over 6,000 participants in the legal filed, IT and business sector, who met in a 54-hour marathon in order to find innovative solutions meant to support the digitalization and efficiency of justice.

For the second year in a row, the Hristescu & Partners law firm has been invited by the global organizer Integra Ledger Bockchain for Law to be the host of the event in Romania. Madalina Hristescu, the founding partner of Hristescu & Partners, stated:

“Romania needs solutions to increase the efficiency of the methods by which the act of justice is carried out, it needs to adapt to the current legal realities and a system that fits to the need of the society and ours, the lawyers, the magistrates, on the one hand, and the business sector or ordinary citizens, on the other hand. We are permanently facing practical difficulties, the lack of access to absolutely essential documents, a clumsy and obsolete system which does not keep up with the extremely dynamic evolution of technology. We brought this event to Romania exactly to give the chance to those who are facing these difficulties day by day to bring solutions and be able to implement them with the help of the experienced IT specialists and entrepreneurs”, stated Madalina Hristescu, Managing Partner of Hristescu & Partners.

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