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September 29, 2022

PM Dancila on GEO no.114: It bothers someone that we think Romanian?

Premier Viorica Dancila stated on Monday, at the plenary meeting of the House, which debated Government emergency ordinance (GEO) no.114, that many manipulations have appeared, and that Romanians have the right to know the truth. She claimed that Romania did not invent these taxes and those who want GEO no.114 abrogated do not want what is good for Romanians.

“Many manipulations have appeared, and Romanians have the right to know the truth. It’s important to underscore that the legislative act contains a set of measures for developing the economic growth. (…) Romania did not invent these taxes, they have been introduced in several EU countries. Esteemed parliamentarians, we have been holding the rotating presidency of the European Union for the past two months and we are successfully fulfilling this mission. Since we took it over, we have opened more dossiers than Austria did in six months, we have closed difficult and important dossiers for the EU. Romanians have something to be proud of. In these conditions, do you find it normal for Romanians to pay interest rates that are twice the levels paid by EU citizens? (…) In the case of energy bills, don’t you want the prices paid by household consumers to be fair? Does it bother someone that we think Romanian?”, Dancila stated.

The Premier stated that these measures were taken following rigorous analyses.

“We have this political and governmental responsibility to make sure that citizens are the main beneficiaries of the economic growth,” she added.

Viorica Dancila presented the measures considered. She said that, for the first time in 30 years, through this document, the Government nominates the constructions sector as a strategic sector for which it establishes incentives. Likewise, GEO no.114 has set up the Development and Investments Fund, which Dancila called the first mechanism of its nature created after the Revolution, a mechanism that finances the investments of local authorities and universities.

She said that its methodological norms of enforcement will be issued in the upcoming days so that territorial units would be able to file projects in the shortest of times.

The Premier also mentioned the programme for the development of balneary resorts, dubbed “gROwth, we invest in children, in the future.”

She pointed out that the second component of the GEO consists of measures meant to improve activity in the communications and energy sectors. Dancila pointed out that household consumers will be protected in the energy sector and this mechanism is in operation in Italy and France. In what concerns natural gas, the price will be capped at RON 68 per MW/hour.

“Analysing the results registered in the last two years by the companies managing pension funds, the yields are below inflation rate. This prompted us to modify the legislation so as to reward results and, at the same time, also to get the funds’ capital involved in the Romanian economy, not only their expertise,” Dancila added.

Viorica Dancila claimed that the Government is open to dialogue and in the following days talks will be held with the representatives of both the energy sector and communications sectors, in order to jointly identify the best solutions.

“I assure you that we are also carefully analysing the effects that the tax on financial assets has on the sustainability of public finances and the real economy. By introducing the tax, we considered correcting the practices which are unfair toward the population, seen within the banking sector. The Finance Ministry has had talks with both the BNR and with the representatives of the Romanian Banking Association, and potential solutions have been identified to adapt GEO no.114, with these measures set to be included in a legislative act,” Dancila added.

“Those who call for the abrogation of this GEO, whose interests do they represent? Surely not the interests of Romanians, because abrogation would lead to the cancellation of all these hikes of revenues, investments and incentives,” Dancila said.

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