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January 23, 2022

Chamber suspends plenary session for lack of quorum. PSD’s Dragnea: Ruling coalition needs to clarify discontent with JusMin Toader

The Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday suspended its plenary session for the lack of a quorum.

Florin Iordache, chairman of the meeting, asked for a verification, which revealed that the quorum was not met as only 110 MPs were present.

“There are 110 attendees; there is not a quorum. Given the circumstances, I have to suspend the session,” Iordache said.

Before the final voting session on Wednesday, the PSD floor group convened in a meeting to decide how to vote on an Opposition simple motion against the Justice minister Tudorel Toader..


PSD’s Dragnea: Ruling coalition needs to clarify discontent with JusMin Toader


National leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said  that the situation of Justice Minister Tudorel Toader will be discussed together with Prime Minister Viorica Dancila inside the ruling coalition, adding that there is a state of discontent with the minister that has to be clarified next week “one way or another.”

“We have made the decision, first of all, to give the Opposition the opportunity to show that they have enough votes to pass their motion. PSD does not solve its problems with a minister, a cabinet member with the Opposition’s hand. And no PSD member could have voted on such a document full of lies. Given the circumstances, we will discuss the motion later on, but we must have a discussion inside the coalition after the prime minister returns about Minister Tudorel Toader. There is discontent, which we are not going to hide, emanating from the lawmakers, and not only from them, that has to be clarified next week, one way or another,” Dragnea said after a meeting of the PSD floor group.

When asked about the complaints regarding Toader, Dragnea replied: “You have seen them in the public space, there are many of our colleagues who stated them, Mr Iordache, other colleagues, so you know them.”

Dragnea added that he had agreed with national leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Calin Popescu-Tariceanu to discuss the matter with Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Friday or Monday.

“So we agreed with Mr Calin Popescu-Tariceanu to discuss with Mrs Dancila either on Friday or Monday, a discussion in which Mr Toader will also participate, after which we will have a discussion inside the floor groups. Things had to be settled and clarified one way or another, because there were contradictory or unclear statements from both Minister Toader and our colleagues and things cannot continue like that. There are some decisions made by the CEx [executive committee] that must be clarified, clarified and closed,” said Dragnea.

Dragnea also spoke about the decision of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) to vote against Toader:

“I have nothing to reproach them of; there are many colleagues who announced that they would also vote on the motion, but they could not vote for such a text. We have a fair relationship with UDMR,” Dragnea said.


Turcan: In typically criminal behaviour, PSD and ALDE used House to pressure JusMin to solve topics they set for him


National Liberal Party (PNL) First Vice President Raluca Turcan stated on Wednesday that, in typically criminal behaviour, PSD and ALDE have used the House to pressure the Justice Minister to follow the roadmap they set for him: the amendments to the Criminal Code and the amnesty and pardon law.

“PSD-ALDE fleeing from the plenum in fact represents a form of institutional blackmail against Tudorel Toader. Basically, today, PSD and ALDE, in typically criminal behaviour, have used the House to put pressure on the Justice Minister to solve the roadmap they established for him: the amendments to the Criminal Code, and the amnesty and pardon law, the main instrument with which Liviu Dragnea is currently still controlling his party,” Turcan stated.

She expressed her conviction that Romanians were able to convince themselves once again why it is deleterious for everyone that Parliament is led by Liviu Dragnea, this institution ending up being “used to settle scores between PSD’s camps.”

“Let’s not imagine that there are good-faith reactions to the Justice Minister’s administrative or public policy failures. Tudorel Toader still has to check several express demands that have to do with the interests of felons,” Raluca Turcan added.

“Our demand and our request are for this motion to pass, because it will be Parliament’s signal that Tudorel Toader’s mandate has been a disaster. (…) Basically, the Justice Minister is just as guilty as Liviu Dragnea, PSD and ALDE for the fact that the entire policy on judicial matters has been focused on the interests of felons. The only part that still needs to be solved is being used as blackmail within the PSD and ALDE,” the PNL First Vice President underscored.

In what concerns UDMR’s position until the motion is put to the vote, Raluca Turcan stated: “I have so far gotten used to UDMR’s public statements being respected.”

House lawmaker Catalin Radulescu (PSD) announced on Wednesday that it has been decided that the party’s MPs will not take part in the vote, the decision regarding Minister Tudorel Toader set to be taken within the ruling coalition, after negotiations between Liviu Dragnea, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Viorica Dancila. Due to a lack of quorum, the procedure was postponed. Subsequently, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea stated that the Social Democrats have decided to let the Opposition show whether it has enough votes. In what concerns Tudorel Toader, he said there is discontent but it will be discussed within the coalition when Premier Viorica Dancila returns from Brussels.


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