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October 25, 2021

Ex-DNA chief prosecutor Kovesi charged in another case after hearings by the Magistrates’ Investigation Section

Former National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA)  chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi said on Thursday, after leaving the hearings of the Magistrates’ Investigation Section, that she found out she is being charged in a second case.

“In the first case you already know about, I was prevented from making statements. (…) I asked if I could go and wait for the summons, they said no, there were, I think, 9 or 10 lawyers in the office, and told me [the prosecutor – ed.n] that I was charged in another case. At which point I said that I’ve been subpoenaed in only one case, I did not have the possibility to hire a lawyer. (…) I do not know why the urgency, why I couldn’t be called on another day, she said she did not care, she could subpoena me whenever she wanted. She informed me of an accusation that I have allegedly coordinated an organized group in DNA with prosecutors who conducted an arraignment,” Laura Codruta Kovesi said when exiting the Special Investigation Section of Magistrates.

Kovesi also stated that in the procedure informing her on the new accusations, all her procedural rights were violated by the magistrate who handles the new case, one of the procedural defect mentioned being that she had been given unsigned documents.

According to her, everything that is going on has to do with her candidacy for the job of European Chief Prosecutor, Kovesi arguing that all her rights have been violated.

She added that for two years she has been harassed in the public sphere but also by the Judicial Inspection, which checked her 50 times and said it is no coincidence her being summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office on the day when there were procedures in the European Parliament for the selection of the Chief Prosecutor of the European Prosecutor’s Office.

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