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January 31, 2023

Reactions to budget delayed issue. Deputy Prime Minister Daniel Suciu: We will send budget back to president as we received it. Dancila: It’s obvious the President is only interested in electioneering

Deputy Prime Minister Daniel Suciu told a Thursday’s press conference in Arad that he is convinced that President Klaus Iohannis will promulgate the budget “on the last day” on which he will be able to do so, underlining that the law will be sent from Parliament for promulgation in the form in which it originally came to the head of state.

“He is the only president to block the budget of his own country by attacking it at the Constitutional Court,” Deputy Prime Minister Daniel Suciu said.

He said he is convinced that Iohannis will do everything in his power to delay the promulgation and that “the budget is expected by the beneficiaries of all the projects in the country.”

“We should not wait for a president who is on an electoral campaign he will not let go of, it seems, and he started too early anyway,” said Deputy prime minister.

Daniel Suciu also said that in his public intervention the president did not offer concrete reasons for declining the promulgation.

“In the 8 minutes and 53 seconds of yesterday [Wednesday]’s presidential speech, he did not give us any real figures, and why he sent back this budget,” the deputy prime minister said.


PM Dancila responds to Iohannis: It’s obvious the President is only interested in electioneering


Premier Viorica Dancila stated on Wednesday, after President Klaus Iohannis said he will send the 2019 budget law back to Parliament, that the Head of State is only interested in the elections campaign and is making gestures that jeopardise Romania’s image.

“I believe it is obvious for everyone that the President is interested only in the elections campaign and is making gestures that jeopardise Romania’s image. I believe blocking the Government has become the President’s main demarche. No President has ever before abused this prerogative like Mr Iohannis,” Viorica Dancila stated on Antena3.

She also said that Parliament is the one that must put an end to the blockage.

“It is regrettable that he does not understand his constitutional role and is jeopardising the country’s macro-economic factors. Parliament has voted this budget which stipulates substantial hikes for education, healthcare and investments. The CCR has decided it is constitutional. Everyone knows that there is no reason for the blockage. I trust Parliament will rapidly take a decision,” Dancila added.

“The 2019 budget stipulates substantial financing for investments. We have included an extra 6 billion lei for healthcare, 9.8 billion lei for education, 15.4 billion lei for investments, 4.6 billion lei for local administrations, not 1 billion in the red as Mr Iohannis said. I believe the President has demonstrated today, once again, that he is not interested in raising the population’s incomes, nor in developing local communities, nor in healthcare. Who is to blame for the fact that child benefits haven’t grown on March 1st, and I believe your viewers already know the answer,” the Premier said on Antena3.


Teodorovici attacks Iohannis: He should give lessons in economy to whomever he wants, but he’s already crossing the line


Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici recommended President Klaus Iohannis to give lessons in economy to whomever he wants, pointing out that he is “already crossing the line.” The Finance Minister added that he takes the criticism that the Head of State levelled against the budget personally, adding that he has had enough of so much diplomacy.

“Romania is losing due to the President’s statements, but he, I believe it’s his approach, it’s one of the weapons from that petty package with which he believes he will win the presidency. He believes it’s an electoral stake, but I repeat, it’s a mockery but as [sic] a Government, as a country. Say what you have to say, just like Basescu was doing, and at the end of the year we’ll meet to look at the numbers. But don’t use this excessive way of challenging at the CCR. 58 notifications at the CCR. Is this your role as President? A country cannot function this way. He should give this lesson in economy to whomever he wants, but he’s already crossing the line and I don’t believe he wants a real reply on my part, not on the part of a Social Democrat,” Eugen Teodorovici stated on Wednesday on Antena3.

He pointed out that the lack of a budget promulgated by President Iohannis is affecting Romania’s presence on external markets.

“I have publicly presented a borrowing strategy. I cannot go on external markets because I don’t have a budget. Those who sit in the market and wait for Romania to borrow know that Romania has money. It is known how much I want to borrow, and obviously those from whom I will borrow will raise the costs. Aside from this dispute between the PNL, the President and the Government, the Premier is increasingly calling a spade a spade, but far too diplomatically. I’ve had enough of this diplomacy. It’s too much. He calls it “the budget of shame.” I take it personally. Why doesn’t he put his resignation on the table. If it’s like this, I’ll resign; but if it’s like the Government says, he leaves. And those Opposition mouthpieces who said Teodorovici and Valcov tampered with the data… The EC has issued the country report and has said that the cash deficit is 2.88. Exactly the amount it said last year. And they were saying it would be 5 percent. Nonsense,” the Finance Minister added.


As soon as Court justifies its decision, budget can be published in Official Journal within 5 days


He added the 2019 Budget Law can be published in the Official Journal within maximum 5 days since the issuance of the Constitutional Court of Romania reasoning and, thus, increased child allowances will be available starting next month.

“As soon as the Court justifies its decision, within maximum 5 days the budget can be [published] in the Official Journal. Next month, the increased child allowances will be available, for this is the order. Within maximum 4-5 days the President can ensure the publication of the budget in the Official Journal. (…) Or maybe it will last more, for Mr President’ will is not to support PNL [the National Liberal Party], but to destroy Romania,” Minister of Public Finance Eugen Teodorovici told Antena 3 private broadcaster on Wednesday evening.

Eugen Teodorovici’s reaction comes against the backdrop in which President Klaus Iohannis announced on Wednesday, after the Constitutional Court decided that the 2019 State Budget Law is constitutional, that he will send the bill back to Parliament. The Head of State said the budget remains one of “national shame,” being based on false figures and casting doubt on the observance of the international treaties Romania has signed.

Iohannis added that the PSD has a disastrous governance that must be limited, and he will not hesitate for any moment to challenge the measures that affect Romanians, the economy and the proper functioning of the state.



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