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September 29, 2022

PM Dancila presents review of the first two months of Presidency of EU Council: Romanian Presidency has proved efficient, of quality

The Romanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union Council has proved to be efficient and of quality, highly praised by all European partners, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Friday, adding that 67 files on the agenda have been closed.

She presented a review of the first two months of Romania’s tenure of the six-month rotating Presidency of the EU Council, at the Government House in Bucharest.

“The European Community means a better life for hundreds of millions of citizens, social security and cohesion, guaranteed rights and freedoms. They are the guiding principles of our actions, which continue to inspire us in holding the presidency. The Romanian Government, its members and the Permanent Representation have acted with professionalism and responsibility, and, in just two months, we obtained results that other Presidencies didn’t get throughout their entire mandate,” Dancila said.

In her view, that demonstrates “how unfounded the attacks and the gloomy forecasts launched before the takeover of this tenure were, and those who did it acted for purely electoral reasons, without worrying that they put Romania in an unfavorable light externally.”

“Despite these attacks, we have proved an efficient tenure and of quality, highly praised by all European partners. The Romanians can be proud of all the high-level meetings that we have had during this period; Romania has been congratulated on its exceptional way to handle the heavy files on the table,” Viorica Dancila stated.

She said that since the takeover of the mandate, 650 events and meetings have been organised in Bucharest and Brussels, attended by 2,600 delegates.


We are firmly committed to contribute to ensuring safe environment for elections to European Parliament


Head of Romania’s Executive also  stated on Friday that the organisation of the elections to the European Parliament during Romania’s Presidency at the EU Council represents “a major focus point,” with the goal consisting of ensuring a safe environment for the unfolding of a free and fair electoral process.

“The central goal around which the Government of Romania defined its priorities is the increase of the citizens’ confidence in the European project, by maintaining unity, cohesion and solidarity as fundamental elements. In this context, the organisation of the elections to the European Parliament, during our tenure, represents a major focus point. We are firmly committed to ensuring a safe environment for the unfolding of elections, in a free and correct manner,” PM Dancila stated on a review of the results obtained by the Romanian Presidency at the EU Council in the first two months of mandate.

She mentioned that a progress of the Romanian Presidency is represented by a political agreement for amending the legislation on the functioning and financing of European political parties and foundations in the sense of preventing and sanctioning the violation of personal data protection provisions in an electoral context.

Moreover, the PM highlighted that the meetings of foreign affairs and defence ministers hosted in Bucharest occasioned “constructive” debates on topics such as the advancement of the European journey of the Western Balkans, the prospects of the Eastern Partnership, the strengthening and ensuring coherence of the new initiatives in the European defence area.

According to the PM, another priority objective of the Romanian Presidency is to strengthen the protection of the EU’s external border.

She added that, in the migration area, a political agreement was obtained with the European Parliament regarding the revision of the judicial framework for the functioning of the European migration liaison officers network.

According to PM Dancila, in terms of internal security, negotiations have been completed regarding the interoperability of information systems at EU level. By facilitating the exchange of information, the security and quality of controls at external borders will be improved, in view of preventing and fighting illegal migration.


Government is on schedule with organising EU Summit in Sibiu


Romania’s Prime Minister used the opportunity to announce that the Government is “on schedule” with the organisation of the Summit in Sibiu on 9 May, dedicated to the future of the European Union and the Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024.

“At the same time, we will continue the debates on some important topics for Europe’s future, such as fighting discrimination, intolerance, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and racism, migration policy and asylum, reducing the gaps between development regions, strengthening the single market, sustainable development, social and border security,” the PM mentioned at the Victoria Palace where she presented the review of Romania’s Presidency at the EU Council, two months since taking over the mandate.

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