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October 6, 2022

Parliament rejects Iohannis’s request for budget bill re-examination, passes bill as originally sent for promulgation

The House and Senate convened on Wednesday to once again discuss, at President Klaus Iohannis’s request, the 2019 budget. They adopted the budget bill without amendments and will send it to President Klaus Iohannis for promulgation.

The 2019 budget bill was adopted after less than an hour of debates, in the same form in which it was adopted almost a month ago. Klaus Iohannis’s re-examination request was rejected by the PSD, ALDE and UDMR. There were 245 votes in favour, 115 against, and 2 abstentions.

The Head of State, who challenged the law at the Constitutional Court, which rejected his challenge, has thus exhausted his means of attack and will be forced to promulgate the law.

The debates took place against the backdrop in which the Budget-Finances Committees rejected the Head of State’s re-examination request, the budget bill being approved by them in its initial form.


FinMin Teodorovici: All payment obligations will be ensured


Public Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici stated on Wednesday after Parliament rejected President Klaus Iohannis’s request for the reexamination of the 2019 state budget law, by passing the bill as originally sent to the President for promulgation, that all the payments pledged for both projects and the “social area” will be secured.

“Categorically, all the payment obligations, from projects to payments in the social area, will be ensured, as we did it every year. Even though, each year, there are the same talks, that there is no money, we proved every time that the money is ensured,” the Minister told the press at the Palace of Parliament.

In respect to the criticism brought to the budget draft by the Presidential Administration, Teodorovici replied that, at the end of the year, one will be able to see “who was right.”

“So, lingering in a discussion that is very much prolonged, we don’t do anything else but block any kind of project, payments for persons, for the Romanians. All the economy is basically blocked. And, in addition, the country’s image, because there are many elements that are related to the budget of a country, to be approved as soon as possible. (…) Perhaps, we will try this year to prepare the budget for next year, although the law says very clearly that there are steps, stages to be taken. But, I even talked to my colleagues at the Finance to start such a process earlier, in order to have a much more applied discussion, much more substantiated, discussions with parliamentary groups, the presidency, if it wishes … (…) No one wants to have a budget in advance, but the way this year’s political debates have taken place over the budget, I think they already exceeded any limit, Teodorovici stated.

He labeled President Iohannis’s statement as “exaggerated,” as he stated the budget bill is one “of national disgrace.” The Minister underscored that, according to the law, the President must promulgate the budget.

“If I were him, I would have asked for a discussion with the Finance Minister in order to clarify myself, in order to see exactly if what I claim is correct. Taking into account that this discussion didn’t take place, I find it to be an exaggerated statement. (…) The law stipulates that [he] must promulgate it. If he doesn’t promulgate, on the very first day that he receives this budget, it means that this is another clear desire to delay any kind of development of this country,” Teodorovici added.

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