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September 30, 2022

Raluca Pruna, founding member alongside Dacian Ciolos, dissatisfied with ideas promoted: I categorically part ways with PLUS

Ex-Justice Minister Raluca Pruna pointed out on Tuesday that she “categorically” parts ways with PLUS, stating that she cannot agree with the ideas on private property renunciation promoted by Oana Bogdan on behalf of the party, adding that it is a pity that PLUS allows itself to be dragged into such a topic.

“In recent weeks, I have been asked whether I agree with the things stated by PLUS, via Oana Bogdan. Obviously, I cannot agree. I categorically part ways with PLUS, not understanding why it gets caught up in a topic chosen by Oana, and which is not something that needs to be resolved in Romania.

“Giving up on private property is not Romania’s problem. Fixing the effects of nationalisation – unfinished after almost 30 years of post-communism – is. This is what I would have liked to hear from PLUS on the topic of property, as a jurist and a voter,” Raluca Pruna, former Justice Minister in the Government led by PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos, wrote on Facebook.

Pruna also points out that the claim that an ever-growing number of people are renouncing private property in the West is not confirmed by any statistic.

“The country that Oana Bogdan and I know very well, falsely invoked as an example for the change of paradigm on property, is one in which the percentage of property owners has always risen in recent years. More than 70 percent of Belgians are property owners. It’s a pity that PLUS allow itself to be dragged into such a topic. It’s a pity for the hundreds of people who are doing PLUS’s PR in discrete and professional ways, for the entire effort of all those of us who made PLUS possible and who cannot be at home in its new architecture. It’s a pity that new people in politics does not firstly mean each of us handling the things we are good at. A political programme is an electoral offer. And it’s good for it to be clear, to have long-term vision, arguments that would also stand with credible solutions. The statement about Uber and the Belgians, which would justify a kind of renunciation of property in Romania, through a different manner of inhabiting a space, is so inexact that it cannot be considered a serious offer. Cohabitation is rather about the respect of those who live together in a space, not about giving up on property. Moreover, cohabitation entails that we should all behave like ‘good owners’ with the space in which we live together,” Raluca Pruna added.

She points out that her posting is not a personal attack.

“Discussing ideas expressed by a person does not mean attacking that person. Showing that arguments and ideas are not faultless has to do with critical thinking, with a way of debating in order to sublime ideas that would withstand criticism,” the ex-Justice Minister concluded.

The ex-minister’s reaction comes after the press published a statement made by Oana Bogdan, member of PLUS’s leadership, on voluntarily renouncing property.

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