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May 27, 2022

Partnership between Groupama Asigurari and the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, extended by two years

Groupama Asigurari and the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (ROSC) have extended their partnership for the next two years, by the end of 2020. By extending their collaboration, Groupama Asigurari continues to join Romania’s Olympic Team and ROSC and undertakes to insure, for the next 2 years, the Olympic Team and ROSC through a bundle of specialized products amounting EUR 400,000, thus proving once again that it joins the Romanian athletes in order to support their performances and ensure the continuity of their work.

“The partnership with ROSC is very important to us. It is not just a strategic partnership, as one of the key elements of our corporate social responsibility policy, but it is also a traditional one, given that more than 7 years have passed since we are joining them. Moreover, this partnership is very dear to us, because it naturally aligns to the values of Groupama Asigurari. It is the expression of our appreciation for a team that gives everything in the competitions of the highest level and also takes us, those who watch them from the comfort of our homes, in the great adventure of the competitional sports”, stated François Coste, the CEO of Groupama Asigurari.

“The Romanian Olympic athletes compete with confidence and safety, thanks to the partnership with Groupama Asigurari. From the moment when the members of the Olympic Team meet at the ‘Sydney 2000’ Olympic Complex from Izvorani, to the moment when they go to the competition, compete and return home, they feel careless, being able to focus exclusively on what they have to do, namely on performance! Groupama understood the needs of the Olympic Team, undertaking to protect it against any unforeseen circumstances that may occur from various reasons, independently of the actions carried out by the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee or the members of the Romanian team, such as terrorism, natural disasters, etc. Continuing this collaboration with a reliable partner makes us be glad and gives the opportunity to the Romanian athletes to entirely focus on the planned targets in the competitions in which they participate. Thank you, Groupama Asigurari!”, added Mihai Covaliu, the ROSC President.

Thus, Groupama Asigurari provides ROSC and the Romanian Olympic Team with a wide range of insurance products, specially designed to cover the extended needs of the Olympic athletes: life or health insurance products for travelling, fire and other calamities, civil liability and no-fault car insurance. In addition, the partnership covers all the major competitions to take place in the next two years. Besides, Groupama Asigurari has been actively supporting Romania’s delegation to the Olympic Festival of European Youth (FOTE), the winter edition, which took place from February 9 to 16 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with insurance products amounting more than RON 48,000.

The partnership between Groupama Asigurari and the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee is a traditional one; it debuted in 2012, with the Summer Olympics from London. Since then, Groupama Asigurari has been with the Olympic Team in all the major competitions. The partnership fits to the sports sponsoring component within the Groupama Asigurari corporate social responsibility policy.

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