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January 25, 2022

Carmen Dan, retort to Ciolos: You forgot to pay the money back to those who donated for the ‘Wisdom of the Earth’

On Sunday, Interior Minister Carmen Dan launched a strong attack against ex-Premier Dacian Ciolos, leader of the PLUS party, accusing him of “parading with deceitful lies and promises.”

“The campaign has started! At least for some who did nothing back when they were able to do something, who stood quietly in a little box and now, close to the European Parliament elections, have formed little parties (or their “friends” have made little parties for them) with which they promise to move mountains! Now they are willing to do anything, really anything, to end up experiencing once again the joy of doing nothing! And since they are not backed by actions, because nil is the figure that represents them as politicians, what else aside from deceitful words and promises could these little dreamers and infatuated persons – ‘exes’ in general – have used to parade with?”, Carmen Dan wrote on Facebook.

Carmen Dan pointed out that the “only project” of the Ciolos Government – namely the procurement of Brancusi’s ‘Wisdom of the Earth’ sculpture – was a complete fiasco, and accused the ex-Premier that he forgot to pay back the money who donated.

“Running his head against a brick wall, Mr Ciolos took part in a campaign tour through Teleorman too, even though he had some information that people there are not really fond of him! Well, he made his way to Rosiorii de Vede, and, after he descended from high spheres, Monsieur Julien noted that the roads are good there, an aspect that cannot be on the liking of a candidate called into question by the people of Teleorman. His platform (very possibly a re-edit of the lamentable Platform 100) promises that he will riddle the country with highways. The question is: how will you manage to do that, Mr Ciolos, considering that the sole project of your government was a complete fiasco? You no longer know which project? I’ll refresh your memory: Brancusi’s ‘Wisdom of the Earth’ sculpture. Of course, you forgot, just like you forgot to give the money back to those who donated! I’m convinced that’s also how you will forget all promises you are making in this elections campaign!”, Carmen Dan pointed out.

Her reaction came after Dacian Ciolos visited Teleorman County in order to collect signatures for the European Parliament elections. In his turn, he criticised the incumbent government and asked the people of Teleorman to have the courage of making their own analyses and having their own opinions and to not allow themselves manipulated.

“I have collected signatures at Rosiorii de Vede, in Teleorman, and I have met a group of Social Democrats determined to criticise me. That I’m allegedly the son of Soros, the one photographed with many PSD leaders… That the ‘nil government’… I could not contradict them, it’s true, because it was the nil-corruption government. They wanted to know my opinion about the roads in their county and I admit one can drive on them, but the truth is one forgets this when one remembers Tel Drum, the 80-centimetre metre of highway, the legal dossiers of that company and of Liviu Dragnea. Maybe it would be worth asking ourselves how many kilometres of highways and national roads could have been built with the money generously spent on PSD’s henchmen,” Ciolos wrote on Facebook.

He had a message for the people of Telelorman: “From the heart of Liviu Dragnea’s county, from Viorica Dancila’s city, I have a message for all those who want to live in a dignified way: have the courage of your own analysis and opinion, do not allow yourselves lied to and manipulated. Do you want to vote for the PSD? It’s your right and it deserves respect. But if you do such a thing, then remember that you owe it to hold them accountable for their lies when necessary, just as each man who wants to be voted must be held accountable. We are not Social Democrats and the rest. We are Romanians and we must respect each other. This is what Liviu Dragnea – the man who wants to live off our fears and failures – never learned,” the ex-Premier said.


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