“First Car” Program – completed by Government, both electric and hybrid cars included

The Government has modified and completed the “First Car” program so that both new electric or hybrid cars can also be bought, Nelu Barbu, spokesperson for the Executive, announced on Tuesday.

“The Government has adopted today amendments and completions to the program aimed at stimulating the purchase of new cars, it is the program approved by OUG 66/2014. As you know, the program aims to facilitate the access of individuals to the purchase of a new passenger car, by contracting state-guaranteed loans. The following types of new vehicles can be purchased: classic with internal combustion engine, hybrid, and all-electric. Moreover, with today’s amendments to the law, individuals will be able to buy a new passenger car if they have previously owned such a car. It is thus eliminated the requirement of the owner’s affidavit that he has not owned a new car, a condition existing before the changes in the “First Car” program,” said Nelu Barbu , at the end of the Government meeting.

At the same time, he added, the normative act approved by the Government also stipulates the “acceptance of the eco-bonuses and eco-vouchers granted under the “Rabla” and “Rabla Plus” car scrappage Programs for the minimum compulsory advance payment.


APIA:    Almost 650 green cars bought in Romania two months into 2019


The number of green cars bought in Romania in the first two years reached 649, up almost 67pct from the same period in 2018, when 389 units were registered, show the data of the Association of Car Makers and Importers (APIA), consulted by AGERPRES.

According to the centralized data, 551 units were hybrid cars (+139.6pct compared to the first two months of the previous year), 73 were all-electric vehicles (+2.8pct), and 25 plug-in ones (-71.6pct).

Also, during the reference period, the share of new eco-friendly cars in total sales nationwide was 3.3pct, compared to 2.4pct as recorded between January and February 2018.

APIA statistics show that in February 2019, 327 environmentally-friendly cars were sold, all in three categories, namely electric, hybrid and plug-in, by 1.22pct more than in the previous month.

The best-selling all-electric car make in January – February 2019 was Volkswagen, with 26 units, followed by Smart – 18 units, Nissan (11), BMW and Renault (7) Jaguar (3) and Mercedes Benz (1).

At the same time, most of the hybrid cars sold in Romania during the analyzed period were made by Toyota (488 units), Lexus (29), Ford (17), Kia (12), Hyundai and Suzuki (two) respectively Honda (a unit).

Official data shows that in 2018 the number of green cars (electric, hybrid and plug-in) sold in Romania was 4,572, up 65.7pct from 2017. Out of this total, 3,585 were hybrids (+59.8pcr from 2017), 682 were 100pct electric (+102.4pct) and 305 plug-ins (+72.3pct).

In the analyzed period, the share of new green cars in total sales nationwide was 2.9pct, while in the same period of 2017, the share was 2.1pct.

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