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October 5, 2022

Gov’t sitting. PM Dancila launches call for constructive solutions aimed at improving transport infrastructure in Romania

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila launched a call on Tuesday for finding constructive solutions so that transport infrastructure projects be accelerated.

“We have talked about the most urgent issue – the transport infrastructure. We have this obligation, that after years of things going in slow motion in this area, they should pick up. It is time for everyone to shoulder this project. I am launching a call to all those who love their country to join us in this acute need to speed up the infrastructure projects. Please come with constructive solutions and let us do what needs to be done to improve infrastructure in Romania! Let me parenthetically pause here, because it is the only way for all Romanians to know these things. We are still facing the attempts of certain citizens who truly Romania not to have motorways and seek to create artificial barriers. The Transport Minister informed me yesterday that at the end of January the environmental agreement for the Pitesti-Sibiu motorway was contested by three people, two citizens from Romania and one in Dublin,” Dancila said at the beginning of the government meeting.

She added that the reasons invoked by those who objected to the environmental agreement were the insufficient number of migratory routes for large mammals and the insufficient research for bats’ locations.

“I wonder, how is this possible? At the same time, I wonder what interests these people have, because they are certainly not interested in Romania and in Romanians. I would like to thank Ms. Deputy Prime Minister Gratiela Gavrilescu in this regard, because a number of other projects that have been blocked for years for this reason today we are in the homestretch. We have already improved the legislation to get rid of these deadlocks and extended the law on public-private partnership, the possibility to achieve as many infrastructure projects as possible concurrently,” she added.


I welcome budget promulgation; we are in homestretch with projects we have set out to achieve


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Tuesday welcomed the promulgation of the budget, stating that the Government is in the homestretch with the projects we have set out to achieve, “so necessary for the development of Romania”, and will continue to take measures to give Romanians a better life.

“I welcome the promulgation of the budget, it is a development budget that will benefit all Romanians. As we have already said, the Government will continue to take the necessary measures to provide a better life for Romanians. It is from this principle that we have started the building of the state budget, a budget of investment and development. We are in the homestretch with the projects we have set out to achieve, so necessary for the development of Romania. As you know, we have allocated more than 15 billion lei for investments compared to last year, of which six billion lei for the transport infrastructure. The budget for 2019 provides for the highest allocation of funds for healthcare in the entire history of Romania. Last year, we substantially increased the salaries in healthcare, this year we focus our attention on investments, so that we can offer the Romanians access to performing healthcare services,” Dancila said at the start of the Government meeting.

She added that the education sector is receiving 9.9 billion lei this year, in addition to 2018.

“By investing in children, we actually invest in the future of Romania. We also have money to raise pensions and salaries, as we proved that we had last year. By the amendments brought by the Government to the budget ceilings law, we also ensured the increase in child allowances – from 84 lei to 150 lei, and in the case of children with disabilities from 200 lei to 300 lei. We will continue through this budget to support the business environment and to ensure co-financing for many European projects”, she mentioned.

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