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September 26, 2022

Basescu: If I were the President, I would think of a referendum. The great own goal would be if I’d put a question related to justice and there would be no quorum

Former President Traian Basescu stated that if he were Klaus Iohannis he would think of a referendum and he would find a question that stimulates the participation in voting. He said that “the great own goal” for the head of state would be to put a question related to justice, but the quorum wouldn’t be achieved.

“If I were the President, I would probably thing of a referendum. And I won it (the referendum of 2009 – e.n.). I tell you that referendum will be applied. I’d find a question that stimulates people to come and vote. PSD voters are much more disciplined than the voters of the right-wing parties. Therefore, if you want to make PSD voters come and vote, you must give them something else, something of great interest. I would find such a question, he is free to put any question he wants. The great own goal would be, for example, if he would put a question related to justice and there would be no quorum, so I wouldn’t risk putting a question related to justice. Instead of it, I would look for a successful solution. Like ‘Do you want 300 parliamentarians?’”, Traian Basescu stated on Monday evening for TVR 1.

Asked if justice is a good and engaging subject for the campaign, the former President said it isn’t and mentioned that if we maintain this subject in the electoral campaign, we will only maintain “the biggest scam applied by politicians to the Romanian people”.

“No. If we maintain it in the electoral campaign, we will only maintain the biggest scam applied by politicians to the Romanian people. The other party, USR and PNL, says no from time to time, nothing should change, justice is perfect. Both parties are lying without shame. They are lying without shame, because instead of fixing what they had to fix, let’s say after my term, because this is the milestone, they should have notice that DNA has some problems at Ploiesti, Brasov, Constanta, Cluj, Oradea. Let’s see what’s going on. First of all, CSM should have done this. They didn’t”, Basescu explained.

He added that it was convenient for magistrates to enter the fight with politicians, because both the Power and the Opposition exaggerated.

“In return, it was convenient for judges and prosecutors to enter a fight with politicians. Why did they enter the fight with politicians? Because both political groups exaggerated. Those who want to totally dismantle the judiciary, bringing under their control, exaggerated, as well as those saying ‘don’t touch anything, justice is perfect’. They were dishonest, but that brought votes from their voters. Actually, a radiography should have been done to the system. For instance, they are claiming that the Laws on Justice must be amended. What is wrong in separating the prosecutors’ careers? On the other hand, if we look at Tudorel, he separates the careers by the Laws on Justice and then he comes with a GEO saying that judges can replace prosecutors. It’s a political mess in which judiciary is caught in the middle. Part of it felt guilty and entered the game”, the honorary President of PMP concluded.

Last Wednesday, CCR judges decided that a referendum can be organized on the day of the EP elections. They partly admitted the constitutional challenge submitted by President Klaus Iohannis.

After the Constitutional Court’s decision, the USR-PLUS Alliance asked the head of state to organize a referendum on justice on May 26, when the EP elections will take place.

In December 2018, President Iohannis said that the referendum on justice is a topical subject.

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