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September 27, 2022

Deputies’ Chamber: Simple motions on finance and justice, rejected

The Deputies’ Chamber rejected on Wednesday the simple motion against Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici.

There were recorded 108 votes in favour, 154 against and 18 abstentions.

The simple motion on Finance, called “the PSD (the Social Democratic Party) greed undermines national economy” and initiated by the Save Romania Union (USR), the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the People’s Movement Party (PMP) was debated on Monday.


PSD’s Iordache: Still dissatisfied with the activity of the Justice Minister


The simple motion on Justice got rejected also on Wednesday by the Deputies’ Chamber plenum.

There were 126 votes in favour, 148 against and two abstentions recorded.

PSD MP Florin Iordache stated he is still dissatisfied with the activity of the Justice Mininster, but he didn’t agree with the criticisms in the motion.

“I said it in the group, I said it also in the plenum, the dissatisfaction that I have, probably my colleagues also have it, is related to the activity of the Minister Tudorel Toader. I am still dissatisfied. This doesn’t mean that I could have voted a motion initiated by my colleagues from PNL and USR, since there were many criticisms on the Laws on Justice, Codes, the specialized department, which I didn’t agree. What I asked at that time and I continue to ask is that the Minister should come in the next period with normal legislative proposals, according to the governing program”, Iordache stated after the motion was rejected.

Asked about what will PSD do after the expiration of the term given to Toader for the adoption of the emergency ordinances on justice, Florin Iordache replied: “We will wait for the term to expire, and maybe the Minster will present at the Government’s meeting those ordinances that he has prepared”.

The simple motion against the Minister of Justice, entitled “Tudorel Toader and PSD-ALDE (Social Democratic Party – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats), take your hands off justice”, initiated by 91 Deputies of PNL (National Liberal Party) and USR (Save Romania Union), was debated by the Deputies’ Chamber two weeks ago, when the meeting got suspended because of a lack of quorum, as the PSD Deputies decided back then not to participate. On the same day, the Government adopted the draft ordinance amending GEO 7 on the Laws on Justice, despite the negative consultative opinion of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM).


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