Teodorovici: At some point, I will run for Romanian President too. Don’t ask me when because it’s a surprise

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici stated on Tuesday evening, for the TVR1 public broadcaster, that he intends to run for president “at some point” but he wants that moment to be a surprise.

“At some point, I will run. At some point, I will definitely run. Here is a clear testimony: at some point, I will run in the Romanian presidential elections too. Don’t ask me when, because this is a surprise. I know how that will be like. The problem is not how it will be like; it will surely happen. I have no kind of problem,” Eugen Teodorovici stated.

Asked whether he will be only a candidate or president too, he said: “When I say I’ll do something, I will. I won’t run for the sake of running. I’m not a coward.”

Asked whether he will run on behalf of the PSD, the Finance Minister said: “There are many possible political options, but it will definitely happen.”

Teodorovici also stated that the PSD President has very clearly announced that the necessary analysis on the candidate for this year’s presidential elections will take place within the party after the European Parliament elections: “The way we will proceed will be clearly established: [whether] with ALDE, PSD, [or] jointly. Those in charge of the party and the coalition decide.”

He claimed that if the PSD “really” want to win the presidential elections then they will do so: “The PSD won’t lose anything when they truly fight and want to win. The PSD can truly win if they want to win.”

He added that the PSD could defeat President Klaus Iohannis in this year’s presidential elections.

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