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October 5, 2022

The Francophone Humor Salon at the National Theater of Bucharest

This year, the Group of Francophone Embassies, Delegations and Institutions (GADIF) in Romania celebrates the International Francophonie Day with a lot of humor. “To celebrate this day in a cheerful way, we invite you to the first edition of the exhibition called «The Francophone Humor Salon» in Bucharest, at the National Theater of Bucharest (TNB). We suggest you an original selection of caricatures, posters, video sequences and comic strips from Argentina, Czech Republic, Egypt, Switzerland, France, Lebanon, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Uruguay and Wallonia Brussels,” a press release issued by the Embassy of Lebanon in Bucharest informs.

For the first time, Lebanon brings to Romania the drawings of an unmistakable style of Pierre Sadek, the great personality of the Arab political cartoon.

Also for the first time, Switzerland presents the drawings of the famous cartoonist Chappatte, who need no presentation. Chappatte, with his tellingly caricatures, is the press sketcher published not only by the journal Le Tems from Geneva NZZ am Sonntag from Zurich and New York Times, but also by International Herald Tribune, The New York Times Book Review and Newsweek International.

Humoristic comic strips of Hergé, considered the father of the European comic strip, of Peyo, who created the Smurfs, Johan de Moor, Greg and others, will be included from Wallonia Brussels.

Uruguay and France bring Pancho, a press sketcher who is internationally renowned and who invites, by his drawings, to make a journey in the literary world.

From Hungary, we will have comic strips inspired by the 12 points of the Proclamation of Independence of March 15, 1848.

Czech Republic proposes Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromir 99, co-authors of a three-volume graphic novel, which became famous as a source of inspiration for the animated movie Alois Nebel.

From Romania, we will present the drawings of artists such as Mihai Boaca, Cristian Topan, Ovidiu Stanciu and Catalin Zaharia.

Slovenia comes with one of the creations of Marko Kočevar, caricaturist of the Delo Slovenian daily starting from 1993.

The screening category of this event includes a short film about the famous Egyptian comedy that delighted generations of viewers in the Arab world, a dialogue between the famous Argentinian “Luthier” humorists and fragments of “feuilleton” provided by TV5 Monde Afrique.

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