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October 3, 2022

PSD submits to BEC the lists of candidates for the European Parliament : 1,330,995 signatures collected in just one week

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) on Tuesday filed with the Central Election Bureau (BEC) lists of signatures collected in support of its candidates in the elections to the European Parliament this May.

“We filed 1,330,995 signatures that we collected in just one week (…) Had we continued for another week, we would have exceeded two million signatures. As many as 2,850 signatures were invalidated on some technical grounds; we understand that the same has happened to every other party as well (…) The list was accepted, we got a registration number, and starting today we are off campaigning. We are now leaving for the party offices, where [national leader] Liviu Dragnea is waiting for us who just concluded an important meeting scheduled one week ago. Our first meeting is in the afternoon with the unions that are with the Social Democrat Party; there will be local meetings and election rallies all over the country (…) We will be among people 24/7 from now on until the day of the elections,” PSD Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu said while leaving BEC.

The top candidates on the PSD list promised to “fight for the good of the Romanians” and, especially, to speak well about Romania.

“I am asking the Romanians not to send to the European Parliament people who vote against their own country, and to send instead a team of patriots like us, because we believe that Romania has equal rights in the EU (…) Romania deserves more and the Romanians deserve more. God help us!,” said Rovana Plumb, who tops the list of PSD MEP candidates.

Journalist Carmen Avram said that it is “a very big and very important day to her.”

“After 27 years of journalism, I can guarantee that this is the best team to bring Romania back where it belongs, because Romania deserves more than it has today,” said Avram, according to Agerpres.

Cristian Terhes said the 4th place on the list of PSD candidates is a special opportunity for him, and also for the Romanians.

Current PSD MEP Dan Nica, fifth on the PSD list, pointed out that his team must support the well-being of all Romanians from Brussels.

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