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August 10, 2022

Victor Ponta, Corina Cretu, Mihai Tudose and Iurie Leanca top Pro Romania’s EP elections list. Ponta: Mihai Tudose will recover very fast and will re-join us in this battle

Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta opens the party’s European Parliament elections list, followed by Corina Cretu, Mihai Tudose and Iurie Leanca. “I want to legitimise the entire list of candidates,” Ponta said, adding that he is convinced that Mihai Tudose will recover very fast and will join the elections campaign.

On Wednesday, Victor Ponta presented the party’s candidates for the European Parliament elections. The ex-Premier will open the list, seeking to attract the votes of those who support him.

“Firstly, because I want to legitimise the entire list of candidates. I want everyone to know that Victor Ponta is Pro Romania and that the votes of those who support me must come to Pro Romania. Secondly, I dare to place myself at the head of the list, while the cowards, the scared, are hiding behind others. I take responsibility for the good result I hope we will register, I take responsibility for the poor result we might register,” Ponta said at the press conference.

Next on the list is Corina Cretu, “the person with the highest level of training.”

“We have nobody with this experience in Romania,” Ponta added.

Ex-Premier Mihai Tudose is on the third place. He suffered a heart attack on Tuesday.

“I state in all confidence that Mihai is feeling well and will recover very quickly,” Ponta added, expressing his full confidence that Tudose will soon get involved in the elections campaign.

He pointed out that former Republic of Moldova Premier Iurie Leanca, “a very good Romanian,” is next on the list. “The most important and serious things for Moldova were made during his term as Prime Minister, which coincided with my term as Prime Minister. He has the necessary experience, the training,” Ponta said about Iurie Leanca, pointing out that Leanca will represent not only Romania but all Romanians.

Geanina Puscasu, Gabriela Podasca, Cristian Cosmin, Ioana Petrescu, Mihai Sturzu and Ionela Danciu are next on the 33-candidate list. “I wanted to present the top ten; I want you to note that we have observed the criterion – five ladies, five gentlemen. At the same time, these are people who bring something to the Pro Romania list and whoever goes to the European Parliament will represent us with integrity and competence, the most important thing at this moment,” Victor Ponta added.

The members of the party lodged the party list with the Central Electoral Bureau on Wednesday morning.


Mihai Tudose: I’m well. See you back at work. We have a lot of good things to do


On Tuesday, in a Facebook posting, Mihai Tudose stated that he suffered “a small incident” against the backdrop of fatigue, but that he is well and will “get back to work” in two days.

“I’m well! I suffered a small incident, probably against the backdrop of fatigue, but thanks to the professionalism and promptitude of the Romanian public healthcare system personnel, it all went well! I thank the entire medical team and all those who thought about me in these moments! See you back at work in two days! We have a lot of good things to do!”, Mihai Tudose wrote on Facebook.

Serban Bubenek, manager of the ‘CC Iliescu’ Institute for Heart Disease, stated on Tuesday evening that ex-Premier Mihai Tudose is feeling well, adding that he was taken to the monitoring ward around an hour after he was hospitalised.

“At 4.40 p.m., House lawmaker Mihai Tudose, former Romanian Prime Minister, was brought to the emergency ward of the CC Iliescu Institute for Heart Disease, with a diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction,” the hospital manager stated, RomaniaTV informs.

He pointed out that the patient underwent coronary angiography and angioplasty with two stents, procedure which registered a very good result.

“One hour after the patient was hospitalised, he was taken to the monitoring ward. At present, he is telling us that he is feeling well and that he will leave the hospital as soon as possible,” Serban Bubenek added.

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