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September 16, 2021

Record: More than 400 jobs opened by a single company at the Angajatori de TOP career fair . Top 20 companies with the most opportunities

Angajatori de TOP (Top Employers)  career fair will take place on April 5 and 6 at the Palace Hall. The event of this spring includes over 6000 career opportunities offered by 130 participating companies. In the 2 days dedicated to the career fair, more than 10 000 visitors are expected.

Angajatori de TOP proposes a new concept to the applicants. For 2 days, those who are seeking a job can visit the Orasul Joburilor (e.n. – the Job City), the destination that brings them closer to getting the job they want. The stands of the 130 employers are the tourist destinations where they can find details on the more than 6000 jobs, the internship or management trainee programs for which they can apply. In addition, the visitors of the event can attend dozens of skillshops and conferences. The IT enthusiasts have the possibility to attend a number of technical sessions – techtalks, on topics such as: Java, Emerging Technologies, Smart Everything or Testing; they can learn from the most interactive case studies on the local and international market in the IT&C industry; they can interact with software development specialists, or AI, IOT, mobile applications, telecom, embedded software or cloud specialists. Access is free, but seats are limited.

Which are the companies with the most jobs opened at Angajatori de TOP? This edition of Angajatori de TOP achieves a record of the number of jobs opened by the participating companies. According to the information received from the companies’ representatives, there will be companies having even more than 400 open jobs on April 5 and 6 at the Palace Hall. In total, there will be over 6000 career opportunities in extremely various areas, and the top 20 companies with the largest number of open jobs includes:

  1. Gi Group
  2. Genpact
  3. Groupe Renault Romania
  4. Deloitte Audit Delivery Center
  5. Accenture
  6. Societe Generale European Business Services
  7. BCR
  8. Orange Romania
  9. Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
  10. Veeam Software
  11. Hornbach
  12. Stefanini Romania
  13. Kellogg Romania
  14. Huawei Enterprise Romania GSC
  15. Zentiva
  16. P&G
  17. Enel Romania
  18. METRO Cash&Carry
  19. dm drogerie markt
  20. Adecco

The ranking of the companies with the largest number of career opportunities opened at Angajatori de TOP was based on the answers received for the questionnaire sent to the participating companies. From the experience of the previous editions, there are companies with a very large recruitment volume which cannot make this information public.

Compared to the previous years, in this edition we notice a balanced distribution of the jobs opened by the companies. In terms of the fields of activity, the best represented fields where opportunities are opened, for both professionals and entry-level applicants, for graduates and students, are:

  1. IT Software: 55% *
  2. Accounting – Finance: 53%
  3. Sales: 43%
  4. Customer Support – Client service: 40%
  5. Procurements – Logistics – Supply: 30%
  6. Engineering: 25%
  7. Human Resources: 23%
  8. Marketing PR – Communication: 20%
  9. Legal: 18%
  10. IT Hardware: 18%

*% of the companies mentioned they have open positions in the field

As for the offered salaries, the type of the job, the level of experience, the industry in which the employers operate, are some of the aspects that may influence the offered remuneration. For the internship programs, most of the employers offer salaries between EUR 300 and 400. In terms of the jobs for the middle-level specialists, the companies offer salaries between EUR 700 and 1000, while for the positions dedicated to the senior-level applicants, salaries vary around EUR 1500 and may exceed EUR 2000.

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