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February 4, 2023

PG Augustin Lazar rejects allegations that he ordered disciplinary action against political detainee in mid 80s

Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar this Friday dismissed allegations that he would have ordered the disciplinary sanction of a detainee from the Aiud Penitentiary, and argued that people interested in denigrating him capitalize on the drama of former political prisoners, as he is running for a new term at the helm of the General Prosecution Office.

“With regard to certain aspects presented on a television show, I reject all allegations that, in my capacity as prosecutor delegated to the Aiud Penitentiary conditional release commission I would have ordered the disciplinary sanction of any convict detained in the penitentiary, by issuing punishment reports, requesting such reports or in any other way. The disciplinary punishment of the convicts, through punishment reports, as they were called, was carried out under Article 21 of Law 23/1969 on serving time and these reports were issued exclusively by the administration of the penitentiary, which back then was a military unit subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior. I can’t help remarking with sadness how persons seeking to denigrate me are using the drama of former political prisoners, obviously in the context of my filing my candidacy for a new term as Prosecutor General. Such actions are aimed at influencing the designation for the next three years of the head of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice,” Lazar wrote in a Facebook message.

He further explains that he has not worked for or collaborated with the Securitate political police, and that he also has a decision of the National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives to certify this.

The PG argues that all the convicts are entitled to conditional release after having served a fraction of the time in prison stipulated by the law, provided that they also fulfill the requirement of being disciplined and proving sound evidence that they have changed their ways, even when they do not work, taking into account their criminal antecedents.

“Therefore, having served the legally required fraction still required the fulfillment of the other conditions provided by the law. Just as today, back then the assessment of the release commission was based on the existence or non-existence of disciplinary sanction reports regarding the convict and the exercise of this right of appreciation of the entitlement was subject to court review. These activities don’t represent acts of collaboration with the former Securitate, as long as none of the acts and actions listed exhaustively at Article 2 (1) letter b) of OUG No. 24/2008 is present, but they are circumscribed to a specific competence for serving the sentences,” Lazar explains.

The PG’s reaction comes after a former political prisoner, Ioan Muntean, said at Antena 3 broadcaster that Augustin Lazar had ordered him to solitary confinement when he was jailed at the Aiud Penitentiary for allegedly having “slandered the state power bodies.”

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