Kelemen Hunor: I was banned from entering Ukraine. I announced the Romanian Foreign Minister

The Chairman of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), Kelemen Hunor, announced that he was banned from entering Ukraine, without any clear explanation, and he informed the Romanian Foreign Minister, and will ask for explanations to the Ukrainian Embassy in Bucharest.

“This morning I woke up a few hours earlier than usually. At 2:15 the alarm clock rang, at 3:00 I was already in my car, going to Ukraine. I wanted to go to Ujhorod, where our friends celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Hungarian Cultural Union of the Subcarpathian Ukraine. I wanted to personally convey my good wishes, and of course I would have spoken about the common path which the national Hungarian authorities in the Carpathian Basin covered since the fall of the communist dictatorships and I would have spoken about the challenges we are facing. I would have done all these things if the Ukrainian authorities had allowed me enter the country after one hour of waiting and checks at the border”, Kelemen Hunor wrote on his Facebook page.

The UDMR Chairman mentioned that access was refused to him without any clear explanation.

“They simply said to me only that I cannot enter the country. In such circumstances, I can only convey from here my best wishes to the Hungarian Cultural Union of the Subcarpathian Ukraine, to its members and supporters, and at the same time I assure the Hungarians in Transcarpathia of the UDMR’s solidarity. Of course, I informed the Romanian Foreign Minister and I will ask for an explanation for what happened today”, Kelemen Hunor stressed.


“I have never tried to enter Ukraine before and I don’t have a Hungarian passport”


The Ukrainian Ambassador in Bucharest Oleksandr Bankov stated that the UDMR Chairman Kelemen Hunor was banned from entering Ukraine since November 3, 2017, and since then, he tried before to enter Ukraine using his Hungarian passport and he was refused.

But Kelemen says he doesn’t have a Hungarian passport and he never tried to enter Ukraine before, as claimed by the Ukrainian Ambassador.

“I have never tried to enter Ukraine before and I don’t have a Hungarian passport”, the UDMR Chairman Kelemen Hunor stated. The UDMR leader asked the Ukrainian Ambassador in Romania to publish the information he referred to – namely at which border and with which passport he allegedly wanted to enter.

“Ask the Ambassador to provide you with data. He should say when it happened and provide official papers. I have papers related to the incident today. Now he should provide data and say when I wanted to enter, at which border and with which passport”, Kelemen Hunor stated on Saturday for digi24.ro.

The UDMR Chairman says this incident is a violation of the Article 13, item 7 of the Romanian-Ukrainian Basic Treaty.


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