International Roma Day—occasion to reaffirm Romanian authorities’ determination to combat discrimination and racism

 President Iohannis: April 8 will be a true celebration day when Roma empowerment yields expected fruits


President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on Monday on the occasion of the International Roma Day and of Romania marking Roma Ethnics Day, pointing out that this will be a true celebration day “when the economic, social and cultural empowerment of the Roma will yield the expected fruits.”

“On the occasion of Roma Ethnics Day, I give my salute to the members of the Roma community in our country. On this occasion I am renewing my commitment to capitalizing on our cultural diversity and my determination, as President, to make sure that the rights of the citizens of all ethnic minorities are protected,” Iohannis said in message, according to a Presidential Administration release.

Iohannis also condemns manifestations of racism and marginalization against the Roma.

“The Roma Ethnics Day which is being marked in our country concomitantly with the International Roma Day is a good opportunity to strongly condemn, once again, the manifestations of racism and marginalization against the citizens belonging to this ethnic group. Enshrined in law, the observance of April 8 will truly be a celebration when the economic, social and cultural empowerment of the Roma will yield the expected fruits. I wish that through the commitment of the authorities and civil society, through the efforts of both the majority and the ethnic minorities alike, we build the developed, educated, tolerant and inclusive society we want for our children,” said the head of the state.

The initiative to celebrate the International Roma Day occurred in 1971, on the occasion of the first International Congress of Roma Everywhere, that took place in London. In Romania, alongside the other Eastern European countries the date of April 8 was dedicated to the Roma Day starting with 1990.


MAE constantly promotes the importance of completely eliminating any kind of discrimination against Roma minority


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) is constantly promoting in the bilateral relations and the international forums the importance of completely eliminating any kind of discrimination against the Roma people and advocates, via the tasks assigned to it, the national efforts with regard to the social inclusion of the Romanian citizens belonging to this minority, a MAE release says.

The Foreign Ministry’s clarifications are made in context of celebrating the International Roma Day.

According to the source, “April 8 is an opportunity to draw attention upon the progress recorded as regards the Roma inclusion and the fact that this process implies sustained efforts from all of the relevant actors and needs a broad, deep understanding of the issue’s dimension.”

The MAE release also stresses that one of the goals of the Presidency of Romania to the European Union’s Council is “to stimulate social solidarity and cohesion, by promoting policies on combating discrimination, intolerance and xenophobia”.

In this respect, on 4 and 5 March was staged in Bucharest the High level Conference on EU Framework on National Strategies for Roma Inclusion, which provided the occasion to debate the ways to continue the inclusion process at European level after the current EU strategic framework reaches the deadline in 2020, the participants tabling possible orientations for the future of this process.


PM    Dancila: This celebration has a double significance – of joy, as well as homage to Roma victims of the Holocaust of World War II


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Sunday sent a message on the occasion of the International Roma Day (April 8), in which she showed that this celebration has a double significance – of joy, as well as homage to Roma victims of the Holocaust of World War II.

“Dear Romanian citizens of Roma origin, dear Roma people everywhere, I am sending you my warm greetings and my good thought on the occasion of the International Roma Day, a date with double significance: a moment of great joy but also of remembrance and tribute brought to the Roma victims of the Holocaust during World War II. It is an occasion to reflect on the valuable contribution that our fellow citizens of Roma ethnicity have and continue to have to the development of the Romanian society, to value one more the cultural heritage of the Roma ethnicity, preserved unaltered, and to appreciate the extraordinary achievements of Roma intellectuals, artists, and other members of the community. The International Roma Day is also an opportunity to reaffirm our determination to further promote action to combat poverty tolerance, discrimination and racism, as well as from above support of social integration and provision of increasingly better medical services and education,” Dancila says in the message, according to a Government’s release.

She emphasizes that freedom is the foundation of any society.

“The relationships between us must be based on solidarity, acceptance, respect, basic principles of social cohesion,” says Dancila.

The prime minister states that Romania, as a member of the European Union, but also as a country holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union, will continue to promote and protect the rights and liberties of all Romanian citizens, regardless of their ethnicity.

“I am convinced that only together, united and motivated by a better future that we all want, will we continue to make important steps to respect and promote the rights and freedoms of all citizens, minorities and the majority, alike, for a better life for all Romanian citizens! Many happy returns to the Roma people in Romania and everywhere!” concludes Viorica Dancila.



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