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December 6, 2021

President Klaus Iohannis to launch this month his third book, “EU.RO – An Open Dialogue on Europe”

The announcement of the “soon-to-be” launch of the volume appears on President Iohannis’ Facebook page and is accompanied by the message “Ask Questions. Understand the Context. You Are EU.RO”.

The president’s third book – “EU.RO – An Open Dialogue on Europe” – will appear at Curtea Veche Publishing House.

According to a press release of the publishing house, the volume is a “guide presenting the synthesis of the history of the European Union, the institutions that define it, its values and the main challenges it currently faces, and what Romania’s membership in the community project specifically entails”.

“I have tried to present, in an accessible manner, the main mechanisms, values and political topics relevant to the European construction. My intention was to provide the non-specialist reader concise explanations and answers to essential but sensitive questions that concern a great number of citizens and that can generate confusions. The questions I have been trying to answer in this book are very varied and they start from our historical legitimacy of belonging to the community space and end with the way we project our presence in the Union. They are also based on the conviction that it is the duty of politicians to inform their own citizens about the functioning of the political mechanisms and the great themes that call for the attention of the world today”, says Klaus Iohannis in the introduction of the book, according to the publishing house.

According to the publishers, “EU.RO. An Open Dialogue on Europe” is “an invitation to debating, analyzing  and knowing, so that it will provide the readers with information they need in order to become engaged European citizens, along with tools that shape them an articulated position in relation to the Union and its future”.

The book presents what the membership to the community project means to Romania. The volume can be reserved with an autograph at curteaveche.ro from April 8 to 16.

The price of Klaus Iohannis’ new volume is RON 59.

Klaus Iohannis also published the volumes “Step by Step” (2014) and “The First Step” (2015).

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