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February 4, 2023

Launch of the 2019 edition of the national campaign “INFORMATION at home! SAFETY around the world. PM Dancila: Gov’t stands at side of Romanians everywhere, helps them know their rights and obligations

The government stands at the side of the Romanians everywhere to help them know and understand their rights and obligations, Premier Viorica Dancila said on Tuesday at the launch of the 2019 edition of the national campaign “INFORMATION at home! SAFETY around the world!”

“We are launching today the third edition of the ‘INFORMATION at home! SAFETY around the world!’ campaign aimed at informing the Romanians who choose to study, work and live abroad. Correctly informed people make good, informed decisions. As per our commitment through the government program, the PSD-ALDE government stands at the side of Romanians everywhere to help them understand their rights and obligations, but also the potential risks they face. This information campaign takes into account the realities unfortunately faced by many of the Romanians who go to work and live abroad. The lack of information often puts them in difficult situations in the host states. Reports of abuse at work or of the violation of social rights such as access to medical services or fair remuneration are still flowing in. Through this countrywide program, the Romanians will know the most important elements of the legislation of these countries regarding working conditions, or consular assistance services,” Dancila said at the Victoria Palace of Government.

According to the Prime Minister, the information campaign also includes the information programs run by the government to encourage the Romanians’ return at home and reinsertion such as “Diaspora start-up”, “Start-up Nation”, “Home return bonus”.

“Launched in 2017 as a pilot project in three counties and extended last year at national level, this campaign proves to be effective. Official data shows a decrease in the number of human trafficking victims, a development correlated with the effort to inform the Romanian citizens about the risks of undocumented seasonal work abroad. For the government of Romania and for me as Prime Minister, the Romanian citizens are important, no matter where they choose to study, work and live,” said Dancila.

The head of the government added that she has promoted the diaspora subject at European level, and that Romania is the first state to have organised a ministerial meeting devoted to the European diaspora during its term at the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU.

“We further want this to be a top priority on the European agenda, because the success of the European project greatly depends on the integration of the members of diaspora communities,” Dancila said.

Also delivering remarks at the ceremony at the Victoria Palace ceremony were Minister for Romanians Abroad Natalia Intotero, Minister of National Education Ecaterina Andronescu, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader and Patriarchal Vicar Bishop Varlaam Ploiesteanul as representative of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Deputy Premier Ana Birchall, ambassadors of several states also attended.

According to the Ministry for Romanians Abroad the campaign “INFORMATION at home! SAFETY around the world!” this year targets all 41 counties of Romania and Bucharest. In the first stage, the target group of the initiative are pupils, students, teachers and school directors, and in the second stage the program is aimed at adults interested in working in other states.

The Ministry for Romanians Abroad intends to expand the campaign to the Republic of Moldova in order to respond to the needs and demands of the Romanians across the Prut River.

“As it was presented in the title of our campaign (…), we believe that an informed citizen is a wealthy citizen,” Minister Natalia Intotero stated.

The Minister mentioned that the implementation of the project represented a team work together with the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), the Interior Affairs Ministry (MAI), the National Agency Against Human Trafficking, the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice, the National Education Ministry and the Research Ministry and the County School Inspectorates. She also mentioned the involvement of diplomatic missions and religious denominations in supporting and promoting the campaign.

Minister Intotero pointed out that one of the notable results of the project is the decline in human trafficking, indicating in this regard the official data provided by the National Agency Against Human Trafficking.

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