JusMin Toader: I will actually exercise my duties until another minister appears in the Official Journal. When I accepted office, I was given guarantees my independent status will be preserved

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader said on Wednesday in a call-in with private broadcaster Romania TV that he is not at war with anyone, explaining that when he was appointed minister he was given assurances that his status as independent, politically unaffiliated official will be preserved.

Toader stressed that he will fulfill his duties until the name of his replacement at the helm of the Ministry of Justice is released in the Official Journal.

“I am doing my duty as a Justice Minister according to the law, according to the Constitution. I am fulfilling my obligations as long as I hold the position of Justice Minister. When the name of my replacement, as future JusMin is published in the Official Journal, I will wait for him at the ministry, I will hand over to him, as normal, with the accompanying minutes, the seal of the ministry, and wish him success. If sometimes different approaches, different views on particular legislative solutions emerge, we need to look at the perspective of the approach and of the potential solution. Therefore, I don’t consider myself to be at war with anyone. It was an honor to be entrusted with the dignity of the Minister of Justice. When I accepted office I was given guarantees that my status as independent, politically unaffiliated dignitary will be preserved,” Toader said.

Asked what his response is to the Social Democrats who demand his resignation, Toader said: “I am responsible for the accomplishment of the governing program’s exclusively technical Justice chapter. The fact that Mr. Manda or someone else has asked for my resignation or will request my removal from office may have multiple or different explanations. (…) In July 2017 the Ministry of Justice tabled to the government a bill amending the Criminal Code in line with the decisions of the Constitutional Court and transposing the extended confiscation. In November 2017 we submitted to Parliament a bill amending the Code of Criminal Procedure in line with the decisions of the Constitutional Court. What has emerged in the public debate is quite different. (…) Taking from a bill, through an ordinance, one or several solutions and placing them into the Criminal Code means at least two things: 1. Justifying the urgency of the ordinance, and 2. Taking the bill from Parliament and making it your own, as a government, through the government emergency ordinance. I appreciate what the head of the major ruling party has said today and on other occasions, that the bills will follow the normal stages through Parliament.

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