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May 15, 2021

ALDE’s Tariceanu makes appeal in open letter to PNL to persuade president Iohannis to sign PG’s repeal from office

The chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats of Romania ( ALDE) and Senate head Calin Popescu-Tariceanu makes an appeal to the Liberals in an open letter on Sunday to persuade President Klaus Iohannis to sign the repeal from office of the Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar, as a sign of respect for those who died in the communist jails and also for those who have founded the National Liberal Party.

“I’m making an appeal to you, dear liberal friends, to support our demand of sacking Augustin Lazar, one of the many executioners of our parents and grandparents, the man who has built for himself a successful career on the tears and sufferance of those who dared to confront the regime of sad memory. I’m asking you to persuade Mr. Iohannis, your ephemeral leader, to show respect to those who have founded the National Liberal Party, to show respect to those who died in the communist jails and sign the repeal of Augustin Lazar from the position of Prosecutor General of Romania. Join us at least now, because history will never forgive any of us if we fail our approach,” Popescu-Tariceanu says in his letter.

He says that after the testimonies of anti-communist dissident Iulius Filip, jailed for many years at Aiud, regarding the activity of prosecutor Augustin Lazar of those years, some other testimonies surfaced about Marin Iancu, Ioan Muntean and other tens of inmates of Aiud Penitentiary whom the current PG has then denied to, the right to freedom.

Popescu-Tariceanu brings to mind in his open letter to the PNL that the communist gulag included 240 detention units, of which 44 jails, 61 investigation sites, 72 labour camps, 63 deportation centers and mandatory domicile, 10 political psychiatric asylums and 100 county hqs where the Securitate political police unfolded their investigations.

The Senate President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu asked on 3 April in an open letter, the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis to sign the decree of repealing from office of the Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar, motivating that the latter was among those characters of “sad memory who did the dirty games” of the former communist regime.


“Iohannis uses the referendum to jump the gun on the presidential election “


The ALDE Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu stated on Saturday that President Klaus Iohannis uses the referendum to “jump the gun” in the race for the presidential election.

“The referendum is used as a tool that the President wants to use to enter the political competition. He wants to jump the gun, as they say, on the presidential election in the autumn”, Tariceanu stated at a press conference held in Iasi.

He justified his absence from the consultations with the head of state on the situation of the judiciary by the fact that there are “differences of approach and principles” between them, referring to the General Prosecutor Augustin Lazar.

“It’s an essential thing, we have differences of approach and of principles that we support. The President claims he is anticommunist. Very well. But he protects Lazar. Augustin Lazar, the tool of the communist regime who suppressed any voice against the regime before the 90s. This is a major contradiction. I asked the President, if we are speaking of Justice and don’t want to have an official speech and other hidden intentions, to dismiss or revoke Lazar. It’s almost the same thing. If he wants to be credible in this action. My opinion is that this is not a credible action as long as the continues to keep Lazar and he doesn’t want to discuss anything about the abuses and misuses made in the judiciary of the last ten years, during the period of functioning and flowering of the parallel state ruled by Basescu, with his tools: Coldea, Kovesi, Maior and so on. (…) These are the reasons for which we didn’t want to go to this absolutely formal discussion, which would be only smokescreen. I prefer that we go and talk with people and listen what are the problems faced by various parts of the country”, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu stated.

He also said he will go to the referendum of May 26 if the President will ask a question regarding those who have committed “serious abuses in judiciary and misuses by violating the fundamental rights and freedoms”.

“If the President will ask a question at the referendum, such as ‘Do you agree that those who have committed serious abuses in judiciary and misuses by violating the fundamental rights and freedoms should be subject to the sanctions provided by the law?’, I will go”, Tariceanu added.



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