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September 23, 2020

More Romanians show interest in Smart Living

Romanians will acquire 20 per cent more electric charging stations in 2019, according to an estimation of Dan Tudose, manager and majority shareholder of E-acumulatori.ro, one of the oldest online electrical products stores in Romania.

“According to statistics, there are around 1.100 electric vehicles registered in Romania, whilst only 390 charging stations available on the local market. In 2018, at the EU level, around 1 million electric vehicles have been registered, for a ratio of 8 vehicles for each public charging station (143.000 charging stations, according to data provided by www.eafo.eu),” says Dan Tudose, the owner of e-acumulatori.ro.

In the near future, on the local market, both the number of electric vehicles and charging stations will increase. Electric vehicles will transform the automotive and transport industries. In ten years from now, we will see charging stations in almost every yard in Bucharest, according to a statement of Dan Tudose.

Romania has 150 public and private locations with one or more charging stations in place. One of the reasons that limits the increase of the number for more electric cars running in Romania is the low availability of charging stations and the large distance among their placement on the roads. It is important to underline the fact that the electric car battery should be charged once to twice times per week, for an average of 200 km autonomy. The electric car’s consumption is estimated at 20kwh/100 km, which represents a price of 10lei/100km, the equivalent the equivalent of 2 liters of gas for a classic car calculated at the domestic price of 0.5lei / kwh.

“The office buildings equipped with charging stations located underground will be preferred by the multinational companies for their benefits offered to their employees. Also, the supermarkets that will offer charging stations will attract more customers. Hence, the entire real estate and retail industry will significantly contribute to the development of the necessary infrastructure for electric cars,” utters Dan Tudose.

Currently, the Romanians who run a household and have optimal mounting conditions to charge their vehicle can acquire their own charging station. A private charging unit has an average price ranging between 650 lei for a special outdoor outlet and 3800 lei for a three-phase station, depending on the facilities. The installation cost varies depending on the length of the cable route and the installation timeline. It is advisable that the electric car to be charged using the lower price tariff during the night, when the user can benefit from the lowest charging cost.

The life span of a battery for an electric car is estimated to beat 10 years, and after this period, the battery can be used to store energy in the photovoltaic system (as a second life).

E-acumulatori.ro is a Romanian family business, with its roots in 2002 and strongly developed since 2009. Today, the company’s portfolio numbers 30.000 products, a leader on the online retail in its field.  Among the brands represented by products in the company’s portfolio, the website includes names such as Panasonic, Enersys, LG, LaCrosse, Legrand, Eaton and many others. In 2018, E-acumulatori.ro posted a turnover of 8 million lei without VAT, 1 17 per cent boost compared to previous year. The company’s manager Dan Tudose is dedicated to the increase of awareness and presence of renewable energy products and solutions in Romania. In this respect, the manager plans to bring on the local market systems of the latest generations that are present on the European market, such as: complex renewable energy systems, smart lighting systems and domestic electrical charging stations for electric vehicles.


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