Pro Romania presented its EP candidates

Ponta on PSD leaders: When they were sitting next to me on stage, so close I could hardly breathe, I was no longer a member of the Securitate and a mason


Pro Romania President Victor Ponta stated on Sunday, at the launch of the party’s European Parliament elections candidates, that his place and the place of his Pro Romania colleagues will not be alongside those whom they are criticising now. After the participants watched a film showing PSD leaders in situations that were criticised by the public opinion, Ponta said he wanted the film to be shown because he erred very much when he stood by their side. “Please don’t allow me to forget this!”, he asked those present.

Ponta accused “the strongest campaign against Romania’s European membership,” and warned that there is the risk of a repeat of the economic crisis.

Referring to some of those who criticised him back when he was Prime Minister, he said they have learned “that it can always be worse.”

“The most important challenge at this moment for us, all Pro Romania members, is to never go back in time, to never go back in what concerns those we are criticising today. It’s a project for the future, not a project that would take us back in time,” Ponta said in response to those who claim an alliance with the PSD is next.

“Why isn’t our place alongside those whom we criticise, why can’t we be together again,” Victor Ponta rhetorically asked, the argument consisting of images showing Liviu Dragnea inviting a journalist to the restroom, Viorica Dancila making statements or gestures that the public opinion labelled as blunders, but also other PSD representatives.

“If I forget, you shouldn’t let me forget,” he told the participants.

“When I stood by their side I erred very much, please don’t allow me to forget this.”

He said that “nobody can turn Romania into Teleorman [County] and nobody can govern our country with a Fidesz that has Romanian accents.”

“200,000 euro have entered today in the bank accounts of a political party that uses that money for campaigns against us, for trolls. (…) When they were sitting next to me on stage, so close I could hardly breathe, I was no longer a member of the Securitate and a mason, we found this out now. It is only up to us to prove that we can do the good things we did, to learn from the mistakes. (…) I believe that if we stick to what we started, Pro Romania will be the main centre-left party in 2020, and the country’s main party in 2024. We did not form Pro Romania for the EP elections. Not even for the presidential and local elections. We formed it to have a project in which we would work together for the long term,” he stated, according to News.ro.

“Tomorrow, starting at noon, Pro Romania will present its Manifesto for the European Parliament elections of May 26, its candidates and top-priority projects,” Ponta announced on Saturday evening.

He thanked the television stations that confirmed their presence at the event, pointing out that “unfortunately, TVR and Antena3 did not respond,” adding that he nevertheless respects their editorial policy.

Victor Ponta tops the party’s European Parliament elections list, followed by Corina Cretu, Mihai Tudose, Iurie Leanca, Geanina Puscasu, Gabriela Podasca, Cristian Cosmin, Ioana Petrescu, Mihai Sturzu and Ionela Danciu. There are 33 candidates on the list.


Corina  Cretu: Romania’s development blocked currently due to lack of capacity in public administration


The European Commissioner and candidate for the European Parliament on behalf of the Pro Romania Party Corina Cretu asserted that currently Romania’s development is blocked or pulled back by lack of capacity in the public administration, our country having no projects to draw European funds.

“I’m sorry that there is very much lie and that they say that I and us, at the European Commission are blocking these projects we do not have. I have approved whatever possible to be approved, whatever the Romanian Government has tabled. (…) We need new projects. For one Euro from the EU funds, in each country 3 Euro are programmed, we, on the contrary, we are on the opposite side, we have unspent money and no projects to spend it on. The money is spent on small projects, on projects with no impact upon the day by day life of the people, because they are drafted at the 11th hour. . (…) Right now, Romania’s development is blocked, held on or pulled back by lack of public administration’s capacity. The red tape, the corruption, the responsibilities and the fragmented resources hinder the public services’ supply and harm very seriously the public investment,” Cretu said at the launching of the Pro Romania candidates for the EP election, on Sunday, at Bucharest’s Romexpo exhibition centre.

“The Romanian Presidency (of the EU Council, ed. n.) is a good presidency, it has finalised many documents, agreements and yet exactly this one that was the most interesting for us, related to the budget, won’t be finalised, because the European Parliament is closing its turn. It remains to be addressed to the future European Parliament, during the EU Council Presidency held by Finland. (…) It is not possible to tell the mayors that the EU doesn’t receive projects for communities smaller than 2,000 inhabitants, it is not true, on the contrary, our funds are going to the poorest, to the most vulnerable,” Corina Cretu added.

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