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December 6, 2022

On the occasion of the Extraordinary Easter Concert, Madrigal National Choir will turn the Park of the Romanian Athenaeum into a reply of the Gethsemane Garden

The traditional concert scheduled in the Palm Sunday at the Romanian Athenaeum by the “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” National Chamber Choir is already sold-out, right before organizers reveal the great surprise to welcome those who purchased tickets for this event. For the first time, the park of the Romanian Athenaeum will be turned into a real Gethsemane Garden, the iconic space with olives where Jesus retired to pray, together with His disciples, after the Last Supper.

In fact, the artistic experience of the public will begin before stepping under the dome of the Romanian Athenaeum, through the sound performance provided by the choral ensembles in the Cantus Mundi National Program and through the visual impact of the olives that will form the décor of this musical journey that is unique in Romania, as well as through the photo exhibition signed by Gabriel Crisan. Selling all the tickets so quickly for April 21 led to the decision of doubling the event, so a new concert is put on sale today, for April 20. Tickets can be purchased online on the platform www.bilete.ro .


Gethsemane, the garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives and the place of prayer that Jesus loved the most, will come to life in the front of the legendary building of the Romanian Athenaeum, where the artistic performances of the children and youth choirs in the Cantus Mundi National Program will begin at 16.00, and where the access will be free. Starting at 18.00, those who bought tickets can extend the artistic experience inside the Athenaeum hall, along with the famous Madrigal Choir, one of the most appreciated choral ensembles in the world.

“The Madrigal National Choir is always an artistic pathfinder. We held our first Christmas and Easter concerts during the communism, when such an action was the proof of a courage close to madness. We launched our first national program for social integration through music, and today we have 43,000 children all over Romania. Now, we bring to the core of Bucharest the Way of Suffering and the Gethsemane garden, which are Christian symbols of a high importance, in a unique musical and scenography project”, stated Emil Pantelimon, the Manager of the “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” National Chamber Choir.

As every year, the repertoire selected by Anna Ungureanu – the main conductor of the “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” National Chamber Choir – will include a number of remarkable compositions in the choral history, expressing the excitement that is specific to the Easter Holiday. The program will also include the emblematic “Byzantine Florilegium”, a suite of non-canonical Orthodox works with original tonalities from the Mount Athos and from the Romanian monasteries, structured by Master Marin Constantin in the beginning of the 80s. For this musical work, special video recordings were made in order for the gospel of the Lord’s Resurrection to reach all the Romanians through the unmistakable sonority of the Madrigal Choir. The official launch of this artistic project will take place on April 20 on the social media accounts – Corul Madrigal and Cantus Mundi Romania, and on national and local TV and radio channels in Romania.

The “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” National Chamber Choir is an emblem of the Romanian and universal musical life. Since it was founded in 1963 by conductor Marin Constantin (1925-2011), the Madrigal Choir held more than 4,500 concerts applauded by melomaniacs from all around the world, thus imposing itself as a real “country brand”. It is one of the world standards of the chamber choir music, with a repertory oriented to the European Renaissance, Byzantine music and contemporary Romanian and universal creation. In November 2016, the “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” National Chamber Choir was officially recognized as the Ambassador of Freedom, Hope and Peace, receiving the „Jean Nussbaum and Eleanor Roosevelt” Award at the United Nations Palace in Geneva, at the Global Summit on Religion, Peace and Security. In 2019, the “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” National Chamber Choir celebrates 56 years of uninterrupted activity, thus becoming one of the most long-living choral ensembles.


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