Dancila: ExCom has voted to dismiss the Justice Minister. I hope he will resign. Tudorel Toader, mistake to say he would do many things and not finalise them. Dragnea: The new Justice Minister must solve the blockages

The PSD National Executive Committee decided on Wednesday to replace ministers Rovana Plumb, Natalia Intotero and Tudorel Toader, and approved the following as replacements: deputy Oana Florea for Minister of European Funds, Senator Liviu Tit Brailoiu as Minister for the Romanians Everywhere and deputy Eugen Nicolicea for Justice Minister.

Executive president of the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Prime minister Viorica Dancila  announced on Wednesday that as a result of the fact that he was accused of blocking certain legislative acts, the Executive Committee voted to dismiss Justice Minister Tudorel Toader. “I hope this will be followed by a resignation too,” the Premier said. Eugen Nicolicea has been nominated as his replacement.

Dancila said  that “Mr Tudorel Toader’s resignation has been adopted and accepted.” Asked whether this is a resignation or a dismissal from office, Dancila said that the ExCom voted for the dismissal, adding: “I hope this will be followed by a resignation too.”

The Prime Minister said that she will talk with the Justice Minister and that “normally he should resign.”

She pointed out that she will contact Tudorel Toader later on Wednesday to discuss the decision taken by PSD’s Executive Committee.

“I will discuss with Mr Tudorel Toader, and he will tell me,” Dancila said, referring to the fact that the Justice Minister has publicly stated, repeatedly, that he will leave office when the name of the new minister is published in the Official Journal.

Asked what did Tudorel Toader do wrong, Viorica Dancila said that he “erred when he said he would do certain things and he did not finalise them.”

Asked about the two Government emergency ordinances that Toader had announced, Dancila said she never had them on her table, and she will ask the future minister “to implement the governance programme.”

Asked whether the two Government emergency ordinances are included in the governance programme, Dancila said: “I believe you haven’t seen a governance programme that would include each emergency ordinance, so don’t ask me to answer something that has never existed before and it doesn’t exist. The governance programme says we will render justice until the end; this means we will eliminate the injustices done.”

She said she hopes the President would accept the new nominations and that Iohannis “must prove responsibility and understand that it is a political decision, it is the Prime Minister’s decision and there must be a collaboration, and he must accept these nominations.”


“Tudorel Toader, mistake to say he would do many things and not finalise them”


Dancila announced that Eugen Nicolicea will be PSD’s proposal for the position of Justice Minister replacing Tudorel Toader.

Premier Dancila said on Wednesday, at the end of PSD’s Executive Committee that Tudorel Toader “made a mistake when he said he would do many things and did not finalise them.”

“In my opinion, I believe there has been a lot of talk about justice and I think Tudorel Toader made a mistake when he said he would do very many things and did not finalise them,” Dancila affirmed.

At the same time Prime minister Dancila specified that Oana Florea was proposed for the position of Minister of European Funds at the place of Rovana Plumb and Liviu Brailoiu as Minister for Romanians Abroad instead of Natalia Intotero, Plumb and Intotero being to run for the European Parliament election.


Dragnea: The new Justice Minister must solve the blockages


PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday, after the CEx meeting, that PM Viorica Dancila didn’t agree the restructuring, hoping that the Government’s reshuffle will be quickly solved. He added that the new Justice Minister must solve the blockages related to the positive opinion or initiating certain normative acts regarding the governing program. Minister Tudorel Toader went to the Senate on Wednesday afternoon, at the debate on the simple motion on justice. It was delayed for the fourth time, and then Toader discussed with the ALDE Chairman, Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

“If he will enter again this unconstitutional game, we will meet again in the coalition and we’ll make a decision”, Dragnea stated and mentioned, referring to the Governmental reshuffle solution, that it will be decided depending on the President’s reaction.

Asked why the PM didn’t agree the restructuring, Dragnea answered: “Mrs. Prime Minister said that she wants and hopes to solve this in one or two days, to send the proposals to the President and to have the oath by Friday”.

As for the time given to the President, Liviu Dragnea stated: “I give time to Iohannis until the presidential election. That’s all”.

PSD Chairman mentioned that the future Justice Minister has no tasks from the party regarding GEO on Justice, since the procedure started in Parliament.

“First of all, the new Justice Minister, if he or her will be appointed by President Klaus Iohannis, must solve the blockages in the Justice Ministry related to the positive opinion or initiating certain normative acts regarding the implementation of the governing program. We don’t know if these blockages occurred because of Mister Toader or not, the important thing is that this is the first thing requested from Mr. Nicolicea. Secondly, he or she must do what any Justice Minister would do, namely to take care of the proper condition of Justice in Romania”, the Social Democrat leader stated.

Dragnea added that he “personally” respects and supported Tudorel Toader in the two years of mandate he had.

“There was a lot of dissatisfaction for two reasons, namely the dissatisfactions and the annoyance of the ministers for always delaying to issue positive opinions at the Justice Ministry, so the Prime Minister was forced to intervene many times, and secondly, the fact that it was discussed, the Minister discussed so much about the possibility to initiate some emergency ordinances without doing anything, lengthening this discussion on these subjects for three or four months. These were the dissatisfactions, it was a political decision, so we are here today”, Liviu Dragnea stated.




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