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September 27, 2022

EC’s Cristea urges Romania’s citizens to exercise their electoral right on May 26: If you don’t vote for your and the future of Europe, others will

Head of the European Commission Representation in Romania, Angela Cristea this Friday called on Romania’s citizens to exercise their electoral right on May 26 and vote for the future of Europe.

“Turn out to vote! If you are afraid of the future, because some are afraid of their future, then make sure that you have a say in your own future. Go to the ballots because this is a right and it would be a shame not to, because if you don’t cast the ballot for your own future, for the future Europe, others will,” was Angela Cristea’s message.

The head of the EC Representation in Romania said, after the launch in Timisoara of the campaign “What’s up, EU?”, that a lot of people are dissatisfied with what is happening, but very few also have solutions.

“My impression is that we are still at a stage of overdiagnosis, everyone can explain what doesn’t work and why, but there is some kind of distrust in the ability to find solutions and this idea arises: let someone – we don’t know who, do something – we don’t know what. I don’t think this is a passivity of the Romanians, something specific to Romania. We are also looking at what happens in the EU and in the world and we see these are Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) times. The world is moving very fast, the anchors that we have had so far, which seemed deeply rooted, are now torn from the ground. When I say anchors, I think of the fundamental values the EU was built upon and it seems that confusion, insecurity are taking over,” Angela Cristea explained.

She added that whereas the main fears of the Western Europeans are migration and terrorism, in Romania there is almost an obsession with justice, that underwent a lot of legislative changes, or was threatened with legislative changes, so much so that discussing something other than justice is difficult.

The European official also said that a predictable legislative process is required, with legislation in Parliament, based on a real consultation of all stakeholders who will be affected by a new law.

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