President Iohannis signs decree discharging Augustin Lazar as Romania’s attorney general. CSM delegates Bogdan Licu as interim prosecutor general

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday signed a decree discharging Augustin Lazar as Romania’s attorney general, according to the Presidential Administration.

The discharge is the result of his retirement on April 27, 2019.


Bogdan Licu, interim prosecutor general


The Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM)’s Prosecutors’ Section decided on Friday to delegate Bogdan Licu (photo) as interim prosecutor general.

Bogdan Licu currently serves as deputy prosecutor general.

“The 19.04.2019 meeting of the Prosecutors’ Section decided to delegate prosecutor Dimitrie Bogdan Licu, deputy to Romania’s Prosecutor General, to the position of Prosecutor General of Romania until the position is occupied, but no more than two months,” reads a CSM release.

The CSM decision comes as the mandate of the current prosecutor general Augustin Lazar expires on 27 April 27, and his retirement has been approved.

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader rejected on 10 April all candidacies for the post of general prosecutor and the new selection procedure ends on 8 May.

Bogdan Licu was also interim prosecutor general during February – April 2016, after Tiberiu Nitu’s resignation.

He then ordered the reopening of the prosecution in the Revolution file.

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