Prosecutor General’s Office rejects any potential intrusion, accusations of delay on 10 August criminal file

The Prosecutor General’s Office (PG) on Friday rejected “any potential intrusion” in the unfolding of the prosecution regarding the criminal file on the violent incidents during the 10 August 2018 protest, as well as the accusations referring to the delay in the administration of the evidence by prosecutors.

The PG on Friday issued a press release as a reply to the statement given by the Home Affairs minister Carmen Dan, saying that the Interior ministry has forwarded to the PG all the totally or partially declassified documents referring to the events of 10 August 2018, and the prosecutors should “look for guilt based on evidence, and not for excuses”.

The Prosecutor General’s Office says that in the file on the violent incidents of 10 and 11 August 2018 in Victoriei Square, under examination at the military prosecutor offices’ Section, the criminal prosecution is further conducted in connection with the organisation, the leading, the way of intervention of the law enforcement officers with the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Gendarmerie (IGJR) against the people who participated in the protest.

“In order to clear the circumstances of interest for the case and establish the facts, witnesses and injured people/ civil parties were heard, some tabling certificates and medical papers regarding their injuries. The evidence demanded by them was partly administered and the storage media with images recorded during the events were watched, data submitted to the criminal file by the injured persons or sent by the public order bodies or other legal persons, activities that are still being carried out,” the prosecutors say.

The PG mentions that the military prosecutors have made steps to declassify documents drawn up by the structures that have had attributions and acted on 10 August 2018, the documents that have stayed at the grounds of the planning, organising and executing the mission, respectively, issued by the IGJR and the structures subordinated to the Home Affairs Ministry (MAI).

“We specify that these documents were partially declassified or have maintained their classification level and only a few of these documents were declassified and forwarded to the prosecution bodies to be considered for the completion of the case,” the PG officials say.

Earlier on Friday, the Home Affairs minister Carmen Dan said that the Ministry of Interior forwarded to the PG on 31 January all of the totally or partially declassified documents referring to the 10 August 2018 events and that the prosecutors should “look for the guilt based on evidence, and not for excuses.”

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