PSD’s Dragnea: If we go with Government in Parliament for restructuring, we have majority without UDMR. PM Dancila: PSD, only party there for Romania’s citizens, that defends Romania abroad

Social Democratic Party (PSD) chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Friday that if the Government’s restructuring is to be reached, the current coalition has a majority in Parliament even without the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR).

“We have heard what the UDMR said and I knew that UDMR does not support a reshuffle of the Government. We also discussed with colleagues from UDMR. If we make the decision to go with the Government in Parliament for restructuring, we have a majority without UDMR, without any problem, in the joint plenary,” said Liviu Dragnea.

His remarks come as UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor said that if the Government is restructured in Parliament, his party will let the PSD-ALDE coalition show that it has a majority and will try not to bother those in the Opposition.

The PSD chairman emphasized that in the next period the attention of the Social-Democrats will be focused on the act of governing, on communicating with people.

“After all, the Ministry of Justice will have an interim minister because the ministry has to work, and we hope once and for all that there will no longer be blockages from the ministry in terms of normative acts. Otherwise, Iohannis can play as he wants,” Dragnea said.


SocDem leader  promises Gov’t support worth 20k lei per family in rural areas of Moldavia


The inhabitants in the rural areas of Moldavia’s counties will benefit a governmental financial support worth 20,000 lei for the improvement of their living conditions, on Friday said in northeastern Botosani the leader of the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea.

According to him, the measures, not a state aid nature, will be adopted through an Emergency Ordinance (OUG) and will be valid for six counties of Northern Moldavia.

“Starting from the idea that this region has GDP per capita of 27,000 lei/year, as compared to the 44,000 lei the national average, I conceived, I drafted a specific programme of punctual support for this region. The 20,000 lei grant for each household to improve their living conditions in the rural environment and provide agricultural machinery to the households. For those who want more money, they could go up to 40,000 lei and we could grant them loan guarantees. And here we are talking about thermal and energy insulation, heating with thermal power plants, connecting their households to the water, sewage and gas networks, inside the house sanitary fitting, hot water through solar systems,” Dragnea asserted.

Moreover, Liviu Dragnea spoke about endorsing a state aid programme to support the development of the most disadvantaged areas by encouraging investment and creating jobs in a sustainable context.

“Through this programme, the buildings for health care, for the food industry, the tourist buildings and the storage constructions will be supported,” the Social-Democrat leader added, according to Agerpres.

Dragnea asserted that these measures are not electoral, but are a consequence of the fact that the budget revenues allow it.

“2019 is the year when the state budget level, the revenues’ level allow us to come with this rather well shaped support programme for Moldavia’s counties. There are elections almost every year in Romania. Based on this logic, it means one doesn’t have to do anything, anymore. Electoral, non-electoral we are interested in this programme to be implemented. It is the attribution of all of the state institutions, civil ones to communicate this programme to all the citizens in Moldavia, to all the companies in Moldavia, to all the public bodies, because there are some components of this programme that can bring about the earnest kick off of a reliable increase in this region, complemented by the large infrastructure projects that have already been initiated,” Dragnea concluded.


PM Dancila: PSD, only party there for Romania’s citizens, that defends Romania abroad


Romania and Romanians need the Social Democratic Party (PSD) because it is the only party that is there for Romania’s citizens and defends Romania abroad, Premier Viorica Dancila, the PSD’s executive president stated at the PSD Botosani County Election Conference.

. “We have a governing program, a very good governing program, a governing program that had as its central objective the citizen, a governing program in which we included the increase of income, investments, we included the approach of different sectors of activity, we included our foreign affairs action. With effort and with the support of each of you, we are able to put this governing program into practice. It is not easy, it is not easy for me. I think I have been the most attacked prime minister after 1989, but I did not and will not take a step backwards, because I have a duty to the citizens of this country, I have a duty to my country, I have a duty to those who have given me this trust, I am referring to the PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, to the leadership of the party, I am referring to all the counties that have supported me,” Viorica Dancila said.

The prime minister added that, over time, the PSD learned the “verb to build”.

“Together with you, I have put brick over brick. Others came and conjugated the verb to demolish. They demolished, we started from scratch again. Romania and Romanians no longer afford experiences, we need to follow the same path together. (…) Our country project, our project for Romania includes the citizens of Romania, the others’ project, based on offenses, based on criminal complaints, based on an attack on a person, based on a plan of hatred and division, is not beneficial for any of us, and it is not beneficial for the country,” Dancila said.

The PSD Chief Executive added that the May 26 elections to the European Parliament are very important because decisions are being made in Brussels, “70 percent of the decisions made in Brussels are harmonized in our legislation. We must take care that Romania’s proposals and reality are found in a Union with so much diversity (…) . That is why we need devoted people, patriots to know the reality of Romania, to fight for it, so that it is reflected in the laws that they will have to enforce. To be dignified in the European Union does not mean not to be pro-European, but the Romanian people have always been a worthy people, a brave people, a people who haven’t allowed themselves to be run down,” PM Dancila said.

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