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May 10, 2021

Former SRI Deputy Director Florian Coldea showed up at Section for Investigating Magistrates on Monday

Florian Coldea, former First Deputy Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), showed up on Monday at the registry of the Special Section for Investigating Magistrates, Special Section Director Gheorghe Stan stated for MEDIAFAX, adding that no hearing took place.

The name of the former SRI First Deputy Director is linked to the secret protocols that the Romanian Intelligence Service concluded with various judicial system institutions such as the Public Ministry or the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Florian Coldea was heard twice by the Intelligence Oversight Committee, after the existence of the secret protocols was revealed, but he refused, each time, to answer the accusations regarding his involvement in criminal dossiers, the control of the press, undercover operatives in the judicial system and the media, the relationships he has or had with various politicians, or the takeover of certain institutions.

He retired in January 2017, after former MP Sebastian Ghita made public eight recordings in which he gave details on his relationship with the SRI’s number-two man, on how he used to go on holidays with the Coldeas and how he used to meet, at the SRI, with Laura Codruta Kovesi, Coldea and sometimes with the chief of the CIA station.

Former MP Sebastian Ghita also lodged with the Section for Investigating Magistrates a complaint against Laura Codruta Kovesi. As a result, the former Chief Prosecutor of the DNA was indicted for passive bribery, perjury and abuse of office. The Section for Investigating Magistrates opened the dossier in December 2018, after Sebastian Ghita accused Laura Codruta Kovesi of allegedly asking him to pay for the flight on which Nicolae Popa was set to be extradited from Indonesia in 2011. Laura Codruta Kovesi was Romania’s Prosecutor General at the time, and Nicolae Popa had received a final sentence of 10 years and 4 months in prison, in the FNI dossier.

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