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January 24, 2022

Quaestor Catalin Ionita publishes details on his appointment to the leadership of the Police. Former PM Tudose about Carmen Dan: A liar. Aggressive and incompetent

Former Prime Minister Mihai Tudose labels Interior Minister Carmen Dan as “a liar, an aggressive and incompetent” person, after Quaestor Catalin Ionita published, in an open letter, details on his appointment at the leadership of the Romanian Police.

Quaestor Catalin Ionita speaks in the letter about “the extremely serious situation in which the Ministry of Interior Affairs is under the leadership of the current Minister”, presenting, among other things, explanations on his appointment as the head of the Police, at the beginning of 2018.

“To make things clear from the beginning, I want to refer to the lying presentation of the Minister made on January 2018, when in the political dispute with the Prime minster at that time, Mihai Tudose, a report was presented, showing that I agree to be appointed as the General Inspector of the Romanian Police. I present you a report registered on 11.01.2018, clearly showing that I didn’t agree to be appointed in this position. I was told at that time to destroy this report, which is the clear evidence that the one who was lying was the Interior Minister, not the Prime Minister”, Ionita claims.

In his letter, Ionita also says that as a result of the pressure, he started his work as the General Inspector, but he speaks about interferences and tension, he says he was surveilled, threatened that a fake case will be opened at DNA, and that his PhD thesis will be presented as a plagiarism. He also answers to the accusations made by the Interior Minister against DGA.

On January 28, 2019, Press One was reporting that Ionita plagiarized his entire PhD thesis, from the first to the last page, one month after News.ro wrote that part of a chapter of Catalin Ionita’s PhD thesis called “Criminogenesis of Cyber Crimes”, held in 2012, is identical to a fragment from an article entitled “Legal problems related to the negative Internet content”, published in 2003 in a law publication. At that time, Ionita stated for News.ro that he continues to say that he did everything in good faith, and he followed the recommendations given by the coordinator of his thesis. The coordinator of his PhD thesis, University Professor Stefania Georgeta Ungureanu, was sentenced by the first court to suspended prison for deceiving the Police Academy and nine PhD students of this institution.

Catalin Ionita wished to mention that he did his thesis guided by his personal belief, not for the title, and he didn’t intend to benefit from money. “Anyway, I don’t think the amount I receive for the PhD title will ever cover my work and by absence from the family”, Catalin Ionita said.

At the end of January 2019, the National Council for the Certification of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU) was notified on his PhD thesis.

Also, by the half of the last year, Quaestor Catalin Ionita, along with his mother and his wife, was the co-owner of a land in Bucharest, for which he requested approvals in order to build a four-floor building. Shortly after coming back to the DGA leadership, he donated his 25% share of the land to his mother. Being contacted by News.ro, Catalin Ionita invoked the fact that this is his private life and said that attention should be focused on his career and on the things he did for the Ministry.


Former PM Tudose about Carmen Dan: A liar. Aggressive and incompetent


“A liar. Aggressive and incompetent. A perfect representation of Dragnea’s man. Interior Minister… Carmen Dan!!!”, Tudose wrote on Facebook, referring to the open letter of Quaestor Catalin Ionita, the current head of DGA, recently criticized by Carmen Dan, at the MAI activity report for 2018.

Mihai Tudose reminds that he asked this “lady” to resign in January 2018 “because she is lying and has her own agenda within the Ministry”.

“At that time, “the party” was on fire, I was labeled as misogynist, and of course, uncovered as a Securitate agent and a traitor… Now, Quaestor Ionita admits that “the lady” lied, and not only that, but also a number of abuses and pressing actions that had nothing to do with an Interior Minister”, wrote the former head of the Government, who currently is a leader of Pro Romania.

In his opinion, no one expects now “Lady” Dan to resign.

“Perhaps it is useful, indeed, to keep her there. This way, we can see her and remember how “Dragnea’s/PSD’s perfect man” looks like. This sample of a despicable character is organizing the election… The young generations of police officers take the oath in front of her… staying straight in front of a liar, who seems to be intangible because she has a T-shirt with PSD given by Dady Dragnea! This “lady” is a member of CSAT… She doesn’t have to resign…. All of them should be sent home. Urgently!”. Tudose concluded, stressing that “Quaestor Ionita’s statement is much more ample and reveals many other dirty things”.



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