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September 26, 2021

Reactions to Gov’t reshuffle. Eugen Tomac: President Klaus Iohannis should postpone decision on Gov’t reshuffle until after referendum

President Klaus Iohannis must act with a lot of responsibility and courage in what concerns the Government reshuffle, Popular Movement Party (PMP) leader Eugen Tomac has stated for RFI. He claims that this is not a simple Government reshuffle but “a political crisis generated by the PSD.”

Referring to the Government reshuffle, the leader of the Popular Movement Party has stated that “from a technical standpoint, in a similar situation the President can only take note of the Government’s decision; however, in this case, we have more than just a normal situation in which a Government reshuffle is being carried out, we have a political crisis generated by the PSD in an extremely sensitive moment, with consequences that are extremely dangerous for the Romanian state.”

Eugen Tomac believes that “the President is put in an extremely difficult situation.”

“I hope he will not take a decision until after the referendum, because the judiciary is an extremely sensitive topic, not only for Romanian citizens, it’s a sensitive topic in the relationship with the European institutions too, and we are not an isolated state that can do whatever it wants, implicitly in what concerns the judicial system reform. (…) So, we have a political crisis situation and the President must act with a lot of responsibility and courage and must postpone things until after the referendum, at least in what concerns the reshuffle of the Justice Minister, this is my opinion,” Tomac added, according to News.ro.


Basescu: Dragnea unnecessarily triggers political crisis just to reassert his power and authority


Senator and honorary president of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Traian Basescu considers that Social Democrat leader Liviu Dragnea has unnecessarily “triggered” a political crisis only to “reassert his power and authority”, forcing three ministers to resign before the end of their term.

“Dragnea unnecessarily triggers a political crisis! Deeming he needs an exercise of authority, Dragnea has triggered the most stupid reshuffle in Romania’s post-December history. A reshuffle that will most likely not get the President’s support, a reshuffle done in a period of Catholic and Orthodox holidays, when he will most likely have difficulties pushing the government reorganization through Parliament, a reshuffle made at a time when the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania has entered a non-combat tactic. And this is how Dragnea triggers a political crisis, forcing three ministers to resign prematurely at an inappropriate moment only for him to reassert his power and authority,” Basescu wrote on Monday on Facebook.




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