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July 26, 2021

Social Democrat leaders at DNA, with documents related to the case on the PSD funding . Stefanescu: We have information according to which several members of the leadership will be called

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu and Treasurer Mircea Draghici were at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) to file documents in the case related to the party funding; when entering, Stefanescu stated that the prosecutors’ investigation is abusive.

“We have information according to which several members of the PSD leadership will be called one by one, only to confirm what we wrote in this letter to them, and in the coming days we are also going to make a decision on this abuse. We might submit some complaints to this end. This is very possible, we will be accompanied by the party’s lawyers, too, because it is a dangerous precedent for all the political parties and for the Romanian democracy. (…) We will make a decision on this abuse in the coming days. We might submit some complaints to this end”, Codrin Stefanescu stated, according to Mediafax.

Asked if he will submit complaints to the Department for Investigating Judiciary Offenses, the PSD Secretary General said “it is very possible”.

“It is very possible, we will also advise with the party’s lawyers, because this is a dangerous precedent for all the political parties in the Romanian democracy”, Codrin Stefanescu stated at DNA.

“They asked us for some documents and I file an answer. I am personally going to register the party’s answer with documents. I draw attention to them on the Article 25, par.3 of the Law 334/2006, stating that the efficiency and opportuneness of the expenses of a political party are decided by the leading bodies of that party, according to the statute and the legal provisions. Any relation inside of a political party on the opportuneness and accountancy of the expenses, or any explanation related to them is in conflict with both the law and the principles of democracy. What DNA is doing today with us simply is a huge harassment against the largest political party if Romania and the largest Socialist party in Europe. They asked the High Court to approve an integral check of the party, with everything, starting from the 1 RON contribution, or why there are some members who don’t pay their contribution, among the seniors, to the issuance of cards, why are we making 350,000 cards instead of 100,000 cards, which is unique not only in Europe, but in the world. Such a thing has never been asked before. DNA requested, and unfortunately obtained, the issuance of a surveillance warrant for all PSD’s financial transactions”, Codrin Stefanescu stated for MEDIAFAX, before arriving to DNA.

He said that PSD is open to the checks performed by AEP and the Court of Auditors, and these institutions have checked PSD’s expenses and didn’t find any irregularities related to the political party.

“This warrant is an absolute premiere which is unwanted worldwide. Pluripartidism and separation of powers are respected in the civilized states. We, as a political party, as all the political parties, are intensely, constantly checked, not to say continuously, by two institutions: AEP and the Court of Auditors. Any party is obliged to widely open its doors to these two institutions and let itself to be checked. AEP and the Court of Auditors have never said in any report, as a result of a check, that there are any irregularities related to the party. When they find something wrong, they fine the party, ordering changes related to expenses, they fine the party, announcing it in a report. Usually, when these guys find something that wasn’t well done, they teach the accountants of the party how to correct the mistake, or whatever they have to teach them. This is what happens in a democracy, but the opportuneness for expenses belongs to the leadership of any political party”, the PSD Secretary General stated.

Codrin Stefanescu mentioned that what DNA is doing “is an unprecedented harassment and hunt”. “We can see it with the naked eye. This investigation and the manner of intervening in the party’s life is abusive. If we want to be a democratic country, we must have political parties. I wouldn’t wish this to happen to any party. It’s illegal, it’s abusive, it doesn’t observe the Constitution. Of course. All these are justificatory documents, but the decision on the opportuneness of the expenses belongs to the party. It’s not their business”, Stefanescu stated in front of DNA.

Asked if it’s true that he bought a villa in Pipera with the money from the subsidies granted to PSD, Mircea Draghici stated: “These are absolutely incredible lies. All the answers are there. These are unimaginable stupid things”.



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