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January 19, 2022

The 160th anniversary of the Romanian Land Forces. DefMin Les: Land Forces should have modern capabilities, systems

For the accomplishment of their specific missions, the land forces must have modern, flexible and efficient capabilities and systems interoperable with those of other NATO countries, Romania’s Defence Minister Gabriel Les said on Tuesday.

According to a press release issued by the National Defence Ministry (MApN), Les and Chief of General Defence Staff Nicolae Ciuca, participated in a military ceremony dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the Romanian Land Forces, organised in Bucharest.

“On this important day, we are thinking of our troops in the war zones most of whom are your comrades in the land forces. We are also closely and optimistically following the condition of the two injured persons transferred to the Landstuhl Military Hospital in Germany as well as those left in the Kandahar Military Base, and our thoughts are also with their families and all the soldiers on foreign missions and operations away from home during the most important Christian celebration, the Holy Easter,” Les is quoted as saying in the release.

According to the minister, Romania is under an obligation to continue and intensify its national efforts related to the defence and security dimension as a NATO and EU member state, and the Land Forces must have flexible, modern, efficient capabilities and systems interoperable with those of other NATO states for the accomplishment of their specific missions.

During the ceremony headed by Chief of the Land Forces Staff Ovidiu-Liviu Uifaleanu, the battle flag of the Land Forces Staff Battalion was decorated with a Military Virtue in rank of Officer with peace insignia bestowed by the President Klaus Johannis.

At the same time, the family of the late General Ioan Sorin, who was at the helm of the Romanian Land Forces in the years 2004 – 2006 and 2012 – 2013, was awarded the Badge of Honour of the Land Forces.


Iohannis honors Land Forces’ courage and involvement, contribution to security and peacekeeping in the region


President Klaus Iohannis delivered on Tuesday a message in honor of the Land Forces Day, stating that the involvement and courage of the servicemen of this force are a reason for pride and contribute to ensuring a climate of security and stability for all Romanians as well as to keeping peace and security in the region and in Europe.

“The Romanian Army celebrates on April 23 Land Forces Day, an occasion to highlight the activity and professionalism of those who are part of the Army’s largest force. The Land Forces continue to ensure a highly substantive participation in the missions assumed by Romania in the theaters of operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Western Balkans. Over the years, the troops and civilians serving in the Land Forces have proven spirit of sacrifice, rigorous training and exemplary integration with the North Atlantic structures. Thanks to all these qualities, Romania enjoys a good image and appreciation from its foreign partners. Your courage and commitment on behalf of Romania’s values are reasons for pride and contribute to ensuring a climate of security and stability for all our citizens, as well as to security and peacekeeping in the region and in Europe,” reads the head of state’s message.

Based on these considerations and as a recognition of the daily efforts made by the servicemen of this category of forces, Iohannis said that he decorated the battle flag of the Land Forces Staff with the Order of the Military Virtue in the rank of officer with military insignia, for peace time.

Klaus Iohannis thanks the servicemen for their dedication both during training in the country and during the missions carried out in the theaters of operations, alongside Romania’s NATO and EU allies and partners.

Also, the President expresses gratitude to the families of the servicemen.

“On the occasion of Land Forces Day, I would like to convey to all the Romanian troops serving under the tricolor flag and to the entire civilian staff the most sincere congratulations and to wish them success in accomplishing their missions. I wish you zest for work, both professional and personal satisfaction, at the side of your families! Many happy returns!” Iohannis concludes his message.


PM Dancila: Romanian troops’ dedication and professionalism prove our country is a trustful ally


The dedication and professionalism of the Romanian troops honour Romania and prove, every day, that our country is a trustful ally to our partners, said Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Tuesday, in a message on the Land Forces Day.

“On the occasion of the Land Forces Day of the Romanian Army I want to send all the good thoughts, gratitude and admiration to all the troops who, through devotion and sacrifice, they dedicated their life to defending the citizens. I also want to thank our troops in the operation theatres, who alongside our NATO and EU partners contribute to the peace-keeping efforts. Their dedication and professionalism honour Romania and they prove, every day, that our country is a trustful ally to our partners,” said Viorica Dancila, in a release to the Government.

The Prime Minister also wanted, on the Land Forces Day, to pay homage to the memory of the Romanian heroes who fell on duty and all war veterans who served with faith and honour the Romanian nation and state.

Dancila also underscored that the Romanian Army, mostly represented by the Land Forces, was and it will remain “a pillar of our society, with indisputable merits overtime, an institution always enjoying the population’s trust.”

“I assure you, once again, of all my support and of the support of the entire governmental team. Dear troops of the Land Forces, I congratulate you for the manner in which you carry out your missions and I wish you “Happy Anniversary!” and “Happy Easter”, to you and you families!,” concluded the PM.

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