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April 11, 2021

Toader continues polemics with Dragnea on blockages registered in the bill endorsement circuit. Gov’t SecGen: I have no way of knowing how many hours before meetings some bills were sent

Outgoing Justice Minister Tudorel Toader continues to engage in a polemic with Liviu Dragnea, saying that his ministry was never late in endorsing bills, something that the PSD leader had reproached him with. This time, he used a rhetorical question in order to cast doubt on the accusations levelled against him.

“A simple question!

“Does anyone recognise the fact that bills were sometimes brought for endorsement just a few hours before Government meetings, only to then evoke a certain delay at the JM [Justice Ministry]?

“P.S.: It’s also true that sometimes the exact opposite was “happening” – first the JM delay was evoked, then the bill was brought for green-lighting,” outgoing Justice Minister Tudorel Toader wrote on Sunday on his Facebook page.

Tudorel Toader wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday that the ministry he led was not late and did not block any bill endorsement procedure, as PSD President Liviu Dragnea had claimed in recent days.

He thanked his Justice Ministry colleagues who made it possible for the bill endorsement procedure to take an average of three days at most and promised that on Monday he will publish the statistics to back his claim. At the same time, he warned that he will not remain “passive in the face of a lot of disinformation,” without explicitly saying whom he was talking about.

Tudorel Toader’s reaction comes against the backdrop in which Liviu Dragnea stated last Wednesday that one of the reasons of discontent had to do with the delay in issuing endorsements for various bills. Dragnea said that “a lot of discontent with Mr Toader” was expressed during the PSD Executive Committee meeting which decided to withdraw the political support for Toader as Justice Minister and “a lot of discontent was accumulated” for two reasons: “because the endorsement procedure kept registering delays at the JM, that the Premier had to intervene, and that tabling some GEOs was discussed without anything being done, stretching the discussions for three or four months.”

On the other hand, Liviu Dragnea stated on Saturday, in Iasi, that the Justice Ministry must work and that “it will surely not be worse than it has been so far,” referring to some blockages registered in the bill endorsement circuit.

Asked whether the government emergency ordinance on public procurements could face endorsement problems, considering the uncertainty at the Justice Ministry, Dragnea said – in a process conference in Iasi – that “surely it cannot be worse than it has been so far.”

“Negative observations and points of view constantly came from that ministry (the Justice Ministry – editor’s note), [saying] that it shouldn’t be done. We don’t know whether Iohannis will appoint in office or not, but an acting [minister] must work at that ministry, one who – let’s hope – will think in the spirit of the governance programme instead of continuing to raise obstacles,” Liviu Dragnea said.

In response, Tudorel Toader stated that the Justice Ministry did not block or delay the bill endorsement procedure. “I will no longer remain passive in the face of a lot of disinformation,” Toader wrote on Facebook.

“A simple and first clarification. The JM did not block or delay the bill endorsement and adoption procedure. Thank you to all the JM colleagues who made it possible for the bill endorsement procedure to last an average of no more than 2.5 or 3 days at most. I congratulate all the colleagues from the ministry who, in the bill endorsement process, proved full responsibility and high professionalism,” Toader wrote.

He said he will present the statistics on Monday.

“I will no longer remain passive in the face of a lot of disinformation!”, Toader wrote.

Transport Minister Razvan Cuc also criticised the outgoing Justice Minister’s way of working. On Sunday, in Targu Jiu, he complained that his ordinance on procurements was blocked by the Justice Minister’s 17-page observations. Among them was the need to obtain an endorsement from the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), a request that Minister Razvan Cuc called “an aberration.”

PSD leaders decided last Wednesday to withdraw their political support for Justice Minister Tudorel Toader. After several meetings with Premier Dancila and after the dismissal proposal was sent to the Presidential Palace, Toader posted his resignation on his Facebook page on Thursday evening.


Toni Grebla on Tudorel Toader: I have no way of knowing how many hours before meetings some bills were sent


Government Secretary General Toni Grebla stated on Monday that he does not know how many hours before Government meetings some bills were sent at the Justice Ministry.

“I have forwarded the appropriate proposals, namely the resignation and appointment in office proposals, and we expect a reaction from the Romanian President. You must clarify these things with the minister,” Toni Grebla stated on Monday at the ICCJ headquarters.

Asked whether there were ministers who were coming up with bills several hours before Government meetings, Toni Grebla said: “I have no way of knowing how many hours before [Government meetings] some bills were forwarded to the Justice Ministry.”

Asked whether the accusations levelled against the Justice Minister hold water, Grebla said: “The minister is not being accused of anything. No, he was reproached with some things. The minister is the only one in the position to clarify these aspects, I’m not.”

Government Secretary General Toni Grebla stated on Monday that the decision on a Government reshuffle belongs to the ruling coalition which has certainly thought-out the next steps too, which depend on the President’s response to the Government reshuffle proposal.

“This is the coalition’s decision. Surely, the coalition has thought-out the following steps too, depending on the Romanian President’s reaction,” Toni Grebla said.

He added that the proposals have been sent to the Presidential Palace and the President’s reaction is expected.

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea stated on Saturday that President Klaus Iohannis “will give a sign of life” as regards the Government reshuffle only on Tuesday.

“On Monday we will hold a coalition meeting, with the Prime Minister, and we will decide what to do. I understand the President would give a sign of life only on Tuesday, I don’t know whether he will give an answer. The Prime Minister has discussed with him, on Wednesday or Thursday I believe, and he told her that they will discuss on Tuesday, that he can’t do that these days,” Liviu Dragnea stated last Saturday.

Last Wednesday evening, Premier Viorica Dancila sent to the Cotroceni Palace the proposed dismissal from office of Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, as well as the resignations of European Grants Minister Rovana Plumb and Romanians Everywhere Minister Natalia Intotero, who are running in the European Parliament elections.

Likewise, she also sent the list of nominated successors: Eugen Nicolicea (Justice Ministry), Oana Florea (European Grants Ministry) and Liviu Brailoiu (Romanians Everywhere Ministry). Subsequently, the Premier also sent the Justice Minister’s resignation.

Referring to the proposed Government reshuffle, President Klaus Iohannis stated last Thursday that once he received the letters he wondered what the goal of this reshuffle is, and his first impression is that the goal of the reshuffle is to make things worse.


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